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This week was overshadowed by the dread that Sony announcing its E3 2016 press conference onset. It's another late one here at Push Square Towers, but at least it'll be all over soon. Amid panic attacks, we reviewed old-school revivals DOOM and Shadow of the Beast, interviewed one of the writers on The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine, and oversaw the unveiling of Gran Turismo Sport.



DOOM - 9/10

DOOM may become repetitious near the end and doesn't take needed risks with mission variety, but it boasts some of the finest shooting mechanics and thoughtful levels we've seen in a first-person shooter in years, pushing it to the very fringes of excellence. The campaign's a head-banging, heavy metal hoot with a surprisingly good backstory, striking visuals, and two decent multiplayer-minded modes to back it up. We'd dare say this could be the Dark Souls of its genre, gripping you with its nonconformity while unleashing its own kind of glorious Hell upon you. However, where this illustration falls apart is how you can raise Hell in return, going on the power trip of a lifetime to rip and tear through legions of demons.

Shadow of the Beast - 7/10

With many nods to the original games and a compendium of retro unlockables, this re-imagining of Shadow of the Beast is a game not just concerned with moving forward, but with looking back in detail at its forebears. Stilted platforming and a short story don't prevent the deep, satisfying combat and multifaceted levels from being worth experiencing more than once. And when you're done, the very first game awaits in all its glory for you to discover – maybe for the first time.

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The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine


Interview: Partaking in Blood and Wine with The Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt Red

Blood and Wine is a big deal for CD Projekt Red, the Polish studio behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The title's second and final expansion, Blood and Wine launches at the end of this month, on the 31st May. In order to learn more about it and listen to the developer's own thoughts on the project, we got in touch with senior writer Karolina Stachyra. In the interview below, we discuss the expansion's production and what we can expect from it as players.

Hands On: Fallout 4: Far Harbor's Frame Rate Is Unacceptable on PS4

What a disappointment this turned out to be. Fallout 4 is easily the best performing title that Bethesda has ever released on a PlayStation platform, but its first big expansion, Far Harbor, is in a real state right now. We're just a few hours into the highly anticipated add-on, and we're honestly finding it difficult to keep playing. It's not that the content is bad – we actually quite like what we've seen so far – it's that Far Harbor has some unforgivable framerate issues on Sony's console.

Feature: 7 Ways Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Can Soar Above the First Game

When it comes to power levels, Dragon Ball XenoVerse's scouter readings weren't too bad. It blended a reasonably fun combat system with a load of role-playing game elements and some cool online functionality, resulting in a unique Dragon Ball title. When it released in early 2015, XenoVerse was met with quite a bit of positivity from fans - we gave it an 8/10 in our review - but after much deliberation, it became clear that despite its interesting premise and original structure, it certainly wasn't perfect.

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Crash Bandicoot


Sony Gives Its E3 2016 PlayStation Press Conference a Time and Date

Great news if you're an expectant PlayStation fan: Sony's given a time and date to its E3 2016 press conference. Not so great news if you're the editor of a UK based PlayStation website. Why? Because the bloody thing starts at 02:00AM here. Honestly, the things that we do...

Gran Turismo Sport Takes Pole Position on PS4 from 15th November

Sony's not ignoring the holidays this year, as it's just announced that the biggest brand in its stable will hit the PlayStation 4's starting grid from 15th November in North America and 18th November in Europe. That's right, the platform holder's just confirmed during a press conference in London that Gran Turismo Sport is on track for release later this year – PlayStation's top brass will be rubbing their hands in anticipation.

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