Batman Return to Arkham PlayStation 4 PS4 1

There have been Joker world domination plots more subtle than the Batman: Arkham remaster rumours, and finally the leaks have been confirmed with a trailer today. Due out on 26th July in North America and 29th July in Europe, Batman: Return to Arkham will comprise Unreal Engine 4 enhanced ports of PlayStation 3 favourites Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City – but there's no room for brand black sheep Batman: Arkham Origins on the Blu-ray.

Judging by the inaugural trailer, this package will include all of the DLC add-ons released for the superhero smash hits, which means that you'll have plenty to POW your way through. For this author's money, Arkham Asylum is still the most focused of the Rocksteady trilogy. Given that each entry has built upon its predecessor, though, is this a series that you're itching to replay? Pull out your shark spray in the comments section below.