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After an absolutely action packed start to 2016, things slowed down a little this week. Ubisoft put out some new footage of Tom Clancy's The Division, but other than that, it's been a particularly quiet one, with an uneventful PlayStation 4 firmware update being one of the few highlights. You won't hear us complaining, of course – we're enjoying a bit of downtime before the review season gets really crazy imminently.

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Assassin's Creed: Chronicles - India - 5/10

Aside from the setting, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India doesn't make much of an effort to distance itself from its side-scrolling predecessor. While its stealth system works well and its combat feels good, it's just more of the same. The dialogue is dull, the art style doesn't look good at all, and the game just doesn't have much appeal. It's certainly not bad, it's just so bang average that you'll have seen it all before.

The Banner Saga - 8/10

Get used to the clumsy controls and The Banner Saga is a great role-playing ride right the way through to its conclusion. Meaningful player choice and engaging storytelling are broken up perfectly by bouts of enjoyable strategic combat, which creates a wonderfully paced experience that's very hard to put down. This is a banner that we want to see soaring well into the future.

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Feature: 33 PS4, PlayStation VR Predictions for 2016

We're knee deep into 2016 already, which means that we should probably put up some PlayStation predictions before it's, like, way too late. Our very own Kell Andersen was scarily prophetic in our previous article, so this time we're all trying to get a glimpse inside the gaming crystal ball. We've compiled three predictions apiece from a ragtag group of robed Push Square writers, and re-produced them for your reading pleasure below. But don't forget to post your three picks in the comments section, and we'll revisit this in 12 months' time.

Feature: 25 Games That Prove PlayStation Vita Ain't Dead Yet

Stop! Pack up that PlayStation Vita shaped coffin and plop your posterior on a pew: Sony's smallest system may not possess the unstoppable popularity of the PlayStation 4, but if going mainstream was really considered cool, then we'd all be rocking Bieber barnets and humming the chorus to Love Yourself. No one wants to do that, so who cares if the Vita's barely sold 10 million units – the little man that can's got game. Seriously, here are 25 upcoming titles that should be on your game-dar.

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PS4 Firmware Update 3.15 Is Available Now

It's PlayStation 4 firmware update time, so prepare your bandwidth and brace yourself for bitter disappointment: more system stability awaits. The console's latest upgrade – dubbed v3.15 for those keeping count – doesn't make any noticeable changes to Sony's device, but it weighs in at just 275.5MB, so at least you'll be able to download it in record time.

Ubisoft: The Division Is a Great Single Player Game, Period

Always a hot topic these days, many gamers get ruffled when they hear that the latest blockbuster won't have a traditional single player mode. Indeed, before Destiny launched, we remember seeing people go crazy over the fact that they'd need to form teams in order to see out the title's toughest content, but hey, some of us just like to sit back and not have to worry about social interaction.

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Video of the Week

How Do You Think The Division Looks in 14 Minutes of Brand New Gameplay?

Ubisoft's began the marketing blitz for Tom Clancy's The Division - its upcoming open world shooter that's apparently peppered with role-playing game elements. When the title was originally shown years back at the end of one of the French company's E3 press conferences, no one was quite sure what to make of it, but thanks to our buddies over at Eurogamer, we've finally got a good look at what the release actually consists of.