Welcome to the first Push Share of 2016, a bi-weekly feature in which we round up our staff writers and prod them until they send us their best PlayStation 4 pictures. This week's offerings have produced a decent gallery that showcases a healthy selection of titles, so, as always, feel free to peruse our artistic endeavours and laugh at our lack of compositional knowledge.

Rivalry (BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend)
Image: Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor
Can I join the party? (Fallout 4)
Image: Alex Stinton, Reviewer
Fetch my ski jacket (inFAMOUS First Light)
Image: Jamie O'Neill, Reviewer
Follow the yellow Boris road (Tearaway: Unfolded)
Image: Sam Brooke, Reviewer
I was doing a little experimenting of my own (Fallout 4)
Image: Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer
"Look at the colours. All, all the colours. Well, yellow" (Amplitude)
Image: Stephen Tailby, Reviewer
Kept you waiting, huh? (The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited)
Image: Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

That's it from us for another two weeks, but what have you been sharing? Feel free to show us your best pictures in the comments section below.