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If there's one major criticism that could be pointed at PlayStation VR, it's that we haven't actually seen any proper games yet. There have been promising tech demos galore, no doubt – but if people are going to spend exorbitant amounts of cash on it, then they're going to want to see some fuller experiences.

One such title could be VRPG, which was trademarked by Sony in Japan on 17th December. No other details are known, but with a name like that, it's perhaps safe to assume that it will end up being a virtual reality role-playing game of some kind. And that could be cool: character interaction is at the heart of every good RPG, and it's going to be even more powerful with PlayStation VR.

Of course, we could be jumping to conclusions here – perhaps the acronym stands for Vib Ribbon Parental Guidance instead, we don't know. Either way, it's always exciting when the platform holder tackles new projects, so we're eagerly awaiting more information on this when the organisation's ready to share it.

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