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What is historically one of the busiest weeks in the PlayStation gaming calendar turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, with Sony's presence at Gamescom 2015 spanning everything but a press conference. We did manage to mine the event for plenty of PlayStation 4 headlines, but our attention is already turning to the Tokyo Game Show. Let's hope that the Japanese giant has a better presence there, huh?



Galak-Z: The Dimensional - 9/10

With perfectly weighted physics that feel nice on the thumbs, tactical combat that allows you to deal with any situation in a number of ways, and a soundtrack that's catchy and euphoric, Galak-Z is one helluva ride. Though the framerate can detract from the experience at times, it makes up for its one notable shortcoming with charm, nostalgia, and by bombarding you with joy.

Submerged - 5/10

Submerged is a strange game to review. It's never does anything mortally wrong, but at almost every turn you'll feel as if the developer's grand vision hasn't been fully realised. Couple this with slightly shonky controls, and you've got an experience which, while never frustrating, is never truly satisfying either.

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Feature: Five PS4 Announcements You Should Expect at Paris Games Week

It's been a funny ol' Gamescom, hasn't it? There's been some big news from third-party publishers, but it's definitely felt like something has been missing – mainly Sony. Without a PlayStation press conference, we've been left searching for scraps of news rather than tucking into a main course of announcements and trailers. And that's a shame, because the German convention is honestly one of our favourite shows. Of course, the silver lining is that the Japanese giant's not done yet: it's still got the Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week, and the possibility of a second annual PlayStation Experience in its crosshairs. So, in keeping with the European theme of the week, here are five things that we expect the platform holder to announce for the PS4 outside the Eiffel Tower this October.

Soapbox: Why I Love Strategy Guides

Sometimes I think that strategy guides are a little bit misunderstood. I understand that spoilers are a big problem these days – especially with titles that are heavy on story – and there's no denying that finding your own way through a game is, more often than not, the most rewarding way to play. But for me, the appeal of strategy guides has never been their intended purpose.

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Gamescom 2015: Mafia III PS4 Trailer Hangs in the House of the Rising Sun

2K Games is aiming to pin a new face on organised crime in 2016, as Mafia III muscles its way onto the PlayStation 4 with an all-new protagonist: Lincoln Clay. Set in 1968, the mixed race mob leader will front a yarn all about inequality, as New Orleans serves as the backdrop for a story that both sounds ambitious and interesting.

Sony Promises Unparalleled PlayStation Plus Experience as Market Conditions Push Up Prices

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Plus prices will increase in Europe starting 1st September. In a statement sent to us, the platform holder pointed out that it will be hiking the cost of one month and three month memberships in the UK, though there are no plans to change the annual subscription. We've reached out for firm pricing information, but all we know at present is that the quarterly option will increase from £11.99 to £14.99. We were told by a SCEUK representative that the changes are "different in some markets", so it may just be the three month sub that's increasing in mainland Europe, as originally reported.

This Portable PS4 Projector Will Let You Play Anywhere

Even under the much more conservative leadership of former PlayStation president Kaz Hirai, Sony can't resist the odd pointless gimmick. Take this pocketable projector, which is about the size of a couple of smartphones and is being marketed alongside the PlayStation 4. Due out in October, the MPCL1 isn't exactly cheap at $350, but it will allow you to beam some of your favourite games onto virtually any wall. Apparently, it doesn't even matter if the surface is flat – the fancy-pants laser technology inside the unit will focus the image anyway.

Gamescom 2015: Fallout 4 Has No Level Cap and You Can Continue Playing After the Main Story

Bethesda's just dropped a couple of interesting facts via its official Twitter account regarding Fallout 4, so we thought that we'd better help spread the news. For starters, the studio's revealed that you'll be able to keep playing the game once the main story is over. Fans will remember that Fallout 3 received a hefty backlash when people learned that their adventure was over once they had reached one of several endings, although it's worth noting that this was actually changed via the title's Broken Steel downloadable content. In any case, it's welcome news given the upcoming release's inevitably gigantic amount of content.

Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Improvement?

We reckon that the PlayStation 4's user interface is pretty darn good, but it could be better. We're not especially fond of the PlayStation Store icon's placement for starters, but the content ribbon can also be a little clunky to navigate. Fortunately, graphic designer Ryan Duncan has dreamed up a solution to that problem, concocting a home screen that retains the look of the original, while tidying it up.

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Gamescom 2015: Tour PlayStation's Booth with SCEE Boss Jim Ryan

You're not going to see a more cringe-worthy video than this one all week – but it's worth a watch if you're a big PlayStation fan. In it, the PlayStation Germany team tours Sony's gigantic Gamescom 2015 booth, while SCEE president Jim Ryan drops all sorts of insight on his job and PS4's lineup. It's awkward and odd, but the gaffer is an amiable chap, so we'd recommend wincing through it if you can.