PlayStation 4 User Interface Redesign

We reckon that the PlayStation 4's user interface is pretty darn good, but it could be better. We're not especially fond of the PlayStation Store icon's placement for starters, but the content ribbon can also be a little clunky to navigate. Fortunately, graphic designer Ryan Duncan has dreamed up a solution to that problem, concocting a home screen that retains the look of the original, while tidying it up.

Instead of employing a long list of icons, it's divided into a grid. Your current disc game is displayed right on the home page, while you have the option to store your favourites in a sub-folder. You can then browse through your entire library by clicking on the appropriate option, while television, music, and apps also have their own categories. Beneath that are options for parties and messages, while Trophies and the PlayStation Store get dedicated icons as well.

To be honest, we wouldn't change anything about the top half of the home screen, but we reckon that this would be a much more organised main menu. We especially like the way that apps like Spotify have a place, without getting in the way of games. Would you like Sony to implement a minor redesign similar to this, or do you think that the layout's fine as it is? Let us know down below.