fallout 4 gun.png

Bethesda's just dropped a couple of interesting facts via its official Twitter account regarding Fallout 4, so we thought that we'd better help spread the news. For starters, the studio's revealed that you'll be able to keep playing the game once the main story is over. Fans will remember that Fallout 3 received a hefty backlash when people learned that their adventure was over once they had reached one of several endings, although it's worth noting that this was actually changed via the title's Broken Steel downloadable content. In any case, it's welcome news given the upcoming release's inevitably gigantic amount of content.

Next up, the developer has stated that there's no level cap. In other words, you can continue to grow and develop your character for as long as you want, without worrying about reaching a maximum level. An interesting titbit for sure, especially when you consider that the game's optional crafting systems should already provide a lot of player and world customisation.

And there you have it - Fallout 4's sounding better and better. With any luck, we'll see some new gameplay in the near future, but until then, let us know if you're counting the rad level in the comments section below.

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