Mafia III PlayStation 4 PS4 1

2K Games is aiming to pin a new face on organised crime in 2016, as Mafia III muscles its way onto the PlayStation 4 with an all-new protagonist: Lincoln Clay. Set in 1968, the mixed race mob leader will front a yarn all about inequality, as New Orleans serves as the backdrop for a story that both sounds ambitious and interesting.

An orphan who finds a surrogate family in the 'Black Mob' during the Vietnam War, the protagonist is not your everyday gangster. In fact, the plot is about him exacting revenge on the greasy haired grunts that you may be more familiar with, after an Italian mob leaves him for dead. While dishing out vengeance, you'll form an army of like-minded gang leaders, who'll comprise part of your cartel.

Vito Scaletta from Mafia II will be one of those to lend a hand, while you'll also be teaming up with Irish and Haitian factions. However, while these groups will grant you new abilities if you treat them right, they're just as likely to stab you in the back if you cross them in the wrong way. That could be an interesting dynamic if handled correctly.

Of course, it's not just the premise that's changed – the time period is way more modern, too. You'll be cruising around the bayou in muscle cars in this instalment, with Jimi Hendrix blasting out of your car radio. Newcomer Hangar 13 is handling development, and you can get a glimpse of its vision for the sequel courtesy of the trailer embedded below.

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