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It's hardly a vintage week for new releases in the PlayStation Nation, with all eyes pointed purposefully at Gamescom 2015 rather than Sony's storefront. Still, there are a handful of smaller digital downloads vying for your attention in the guise of Galak-Z and Submerged. The question is: what are you buyin'?

Pick of the Week: Galak-Z

Originally part of PlayStation's iconic E3 2013 indie eight, Galak-Z's taken its sweet time jetting onto the PlayStation Store. However, the 17-BIT developed sci-fi shooter is finally ready for blast-off, and is subsequently our Pick of the Week. Inspired by old-school anime and the retro games of yore, this is a roguelike played from the cockpit of a souped up spacecraft.

While the game looks like your average shmup, it's actually been compared to the likes of Halo and Far Cry. Indeed, complex AI patterns and environmental hazards mean that you'll need to carefully plan your approach in combat – or risk paying the price. Despite these underlying complexities, the title's defined by its tight controls and slick visual effects. Plus, it's got a great name.

PS4 | 4th August [NA], 4th August [EU]

Submerged PS4 PlayStation 4

Everything Else

PS4 | 4th August [NA], 4th August [EU]

PS4 | 4th August [EU]

PS4 | 4th August [NA]

PS4 | 4th August [NA], 4th August [EU]

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment
PS4 | 4th August [EU]

The Castle Game
PS4 | 4th August [NA], 4th August [EU]

Trans-Galactic Tournament
PS4 | 4th August [NA]

That's your lot this time out, then, but is there anything that takes your fancy? Dust off your wallet in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (18 votes)

  1. AeternoBlade  0%
  2. Bedlam6%
  3. Boggle  0%
  4. Galak-Z61%
  5. Submerged22%
  6. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment11%
  7. The Castle Game  0%
  8. Trans-Galactic Tournament  0%

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