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Monday11th Nov 2019

Tuesday5th Nov 2019

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Will Probably Have the Best Foliage on PS5

    Park life

    Have you seen Death Stranding? It’s arguably the best looking game on the PlayStation 4, and it shows how far the Decima Engine has come since the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn a couple of years ago. Of course, a sequel to Aloy’s inaugural outing is almost certainly in the offing for the PlayStation 5, and you should expect it to look...

Friday25th Oct 2019

  • Rumour Could Horizon: Zero Dawn Point Its Bow at PSVR?

    Aloy's Crossbow Training

    Wild rumour: London Studio is following up its success on PlayStation VR exclusive Blood & Truth with a virtual reality adaptation of Horizon: Zero Dawn. That’s according to Twitter pundit Callum Hurley, who’s worked in-and-around the VR scene for several years, having previously held roles at Oculus among others...

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  • News Celebrate Horizon: Zero Dawn's Anniversary with Free Theme, Avatars

    Ava look

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a year old, and in addition to some truly sublime sales figures, Guerrilla Games is celebrating with some free goodies for fans. Available tomorrow from the PlayStation Store, the Dutch developer has prepared a Dynamic Theme for the PlayStation 4, featuring some of the best Photo Mode snaps shared by the community...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells a Stunning 7.6 Million Units

    Guerrilla Games' RPG blows up big time

    Wow! We already knew Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi role-playing release Horizon: Zero Dawn was a big success, but not to this extent. Sony has announced on the title’s one year anniversary that it’s sold 7.6 million units since its launch in 2017, making it the most successful “new first-party franchise” on...

Saturday30th Dec 2017

  • Game of the Year 2017 #3 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Thunderjaw dropping

    It still seems crazy to think that the studio responsible for the Killzone series, a PlayStation mainstay for well over a decade, would make such a creative leap. From a dingy first-person shooter series of fluctuating quality to a vast, vibrant open world RPG, rarely do we see studios of Guerrilla’s size and reputation stray...

Tuesday5th Dec 2017

Tuesday14th Nov 2017

Thursday9th Nov 2017

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets an All-New Action Figure

    But it’s only available in the US and Canada

    Are you an avid Horizon: Zero Dawn collector looking for more ways to fill-out your shelf space? If so, then you may be interested in a new figurine recently announced by PlayStation last night.  The new figure features a stunning sculpture of none other than the heroine herself Aloy, and is...

Thursday2nd Nov 2017

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn's The Frozen Wilds Adds 21 Trophies


    Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first (and last?) expansion pack The Frozen Wilds launches next week, and Guerrilla Games has released the Trophy list ahead of the DLC’s arrival. There are actually a whopping 21 new trinkets to collect here, and they’re split into two sets: Quests and Feats. Essentially, your objective is to complete everything in...

Tuesday31st Oct 2017

  • News Horizon: The Frozen Wilds Improves Facial Animations in Conversation

    Will take about 15 hours to beat

    Horizon: Zero Dawn’s facial animations are lightyears ahead of what you tend to see in the role-playing genre’s best, but they were still the low-point in an otherwise immensely impressive experience. It’s exciting to learn, then, that expansion pack The Frozen Wilds will feature better mo-cap and more dynamic...

Monday30th Oct 2017

  • PGW 2017 Chill Out with a Minute of Horizon's Frozen Wilds DLC


    Horizon: Zero Dawn’s anticipated expansion The Frozen Wilds releases in little over a week, and here’s another brief look at some gameplay footage from the add-on. In it we see protagonist Aloy in some wintery threads, lacing some modified monsters with all kinds of explosive arrows. It’s looking good, and about what you’d expect...

Thursday19th Oct 2017

Thursday12th Oct 2017

  • News Soak Up the Snowy Scenery in Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds

    Winter wonder

    Brrrr, it’s getting chilly in here. PlayStation Japan has prematurely released a new trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first major add-on pack, The Frozen Wilds. The clip doesn’t show any real action, instead focusing on the icy locales that Aloy’s post-release adventure will focus on. With the DLC due out in less than a month,...

Wednesday4th Oct 2017

Friday25th Aug 2017