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Sunday20th Sep 2015

  • TGS 2015 PS4's Horizon: Zero Dawn Dazzles in Stage Demo

    Ahoy Aloy

    Horizon: Zero Dawn's one of those rare Western games that we reckon has a shot at doing extremely well in Japan, and Sony seems to have recognised that. The platform holder prepared a massive stage demo for the title at TGS 2015 this week, which consisted of a fresh playthrough of the E3 2015 sequence. If you thought that the five minute...

Monday14th Sep 2015

Tuesday25th Aug 2015

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Has the Best PS4 Clouds Since DriveClub

    Silver lining

    Forget about games like Crackdown 3 – this right here is the real power of the cloud. As part of a presentation at SIGGRAPH 2015, Dutch developer Guerrilla Games briefly touched upon the volumetric clouds that it'll be including in forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. And while it all gets really technical and a...

Thursday6th Aug 2015

Wednesday5th Aug 2015

  • News Phwoar, This Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Theme Is a Beauty

    Meching the difference

    PlayStation Heroes is a monthly initiative that sees most of the proceeds made from the selling of exclusive PlayStation 4 themes donated to charity, and August's theme is a real beauty. Based on upcoming open world mech-'em-up Horizon: Zero Dawn, the skin presents a colourful and detailed backdrop for your new-gen system...

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