Horizon - Timeline

Sunday24th Mar 2024

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Off to a Sturdy Enough Start on PC

    Sixth biggest Sony release on PC thus far

    There’s an argument that the novelty of Sony’s delayed single player PC ports has worn off, but Horizon Forbidden West is bucking that trend. The open world sequel, converted by Nixxes, has opened to a respectable peak of 35,168 concurrent users on Steam, making it the sixth biggest PS Studios launch on...

Wednesday6th Mar 2024

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Demands a Futuristic PC

    Burning motherboards

    Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PC in the form of the Complete Edition on 21st March, where an entirely new audience of players can experience one of PlayStation's modern classics in even greater fidelity. Sony has released a trailer detailing some of the features, and some of Nixxes additions, which already has us...

Monday4th Mar 2024

  • News Guerrilla's Online PS5 Horizon Game Survives Sony Cull

    Still in active development

    Critics of Sony’s live service initiative are having their suspicions affirmed lately, as the platform holder struggles to get its projects off the ground. While the excellent Helldivers 2 has launched to great success, Naughty Dog’s standalone adaptation of The Last of Us has been unceremoniously scrapped, while...

Tuesday9th Jan 2024

  • News Horizon Forbidden West on PC Getting Gorgeous DLSS 3 Support

    Ridiculously good looking

    As Sony's strategic vision increasingly grows to encompass PC players, it should come as no surprise that studios like Guerrilla would want to leverage the latest tech to make their games look and run as well as mechanically possible. The already gorgeous Horizon Forbidden West is getting a Complete Edition (due out in...

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Sunday10th Sep 2023

  • News Looks Like One of PS5's Best Games Is Getting a Complete Edition

    A new Horizon

    When it comes to the best PS5 games, Guerrilla’s sprawling open world Horizon Forbidden West is right up there – especially when you factor in its excellent Burning Shores DLC. And it looks like Sony is plotting a re-release of the game for its new-gen console, which will include the expansion out of the box. A rating in

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