Capcom surprise tease

Those eternal teasers over at Capcom are at it again, this time with producer Jun Takeuchi hinting at a project that "will make our fans think, 'wow, they’re making that?'" A surprising new game from Capcom, then? Sounds like it, but what could it possibly be?

The first thing that sprang to our mind was Dragon's Dogma 2 -- a project that's long been rumoured -- but then is a sequel to Dragon's Dogma really that surprising? We suppose that it depends on the context of the eventual announcement, among other factors.

At this point it really could be anything, but at least Capcom seems to be back in form. Between Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 both launching early next year, alongside Monster Hunter: World which has been a huge success for the company throughout 2018, the Japanese publisher is getting closer and closer to rediscovering its excellence.

Do you have any ideas as to what this mystery project could be? Take some wild guesses in the comments section below.