If you haven’t been paying attention to Call of Duty’s co-op Zombies modes then know one thing: they’re utterly insane now. As announced earlier in the year, Black Ops IIII is going all in, with a mode that will start out on the Titanic and then take you to a Roman coliseum. Why not, eh? This year’s instalment doesn’t have a single player campaign, so Treyarch may as well go mad with the rest of the package.

There’ll actually be three full Zombies experiences at launch, with Blood of the Dead rounding out the suite – a remake of a popular Black Ops II map. You can catch the new trailer embedded above which shows off the new locales, weapons, and abilities you’ll have at your disposal. It looks like heaven for fans of Call of Duty’s co-op, we’re just not sure how many of you specifically that applies to.

[via youtube.com]