While many – this author included – had expected the PlayStation 4 to peak in 2016, new numbers from Sony reveal that the console actually increased 15 per cent year-over-year. In fact, data shows that the system sold a whopping 20.2 million units globally in 2017 alone – up from its previous record of 17.5 million units the year prior.

It’s going to be fascinating to see whether the system can match this tally in 2018, or if it’s hit its limit now. There are certainly reasons to be positive for the year ahead: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spider-Man are destined to be juggernauts, and that’s without even seeing what Treyarch’s Call of Duty has in store.

The big sales driver for the PS4 this year, though, will be hitting that all-important $199 price point. We saw what happened when Sony reached said MSRP during Black Friday, with the console securing its greatest ever NPD victory. We reckon another 20 million is possible in 2018, and that means 100 million lifetime is practically a lock for the console at this point.

[via News: PS4 Sells Almost Six Million Units in Just Over a Month]