Every now and then, developers like to show their disdain for system-wide achievement systems by concocting impossible Trophy sets. The studio behind Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is one such team, as its trinkets look downright disgustingly difficult. You’ll need to, for example, win a whopping 30 ranked matches without taking a single point of damage. You’ll also need to get an A++ rank online three times as each character, and rack up a cool 300 ranked match wins.

It’s, of course, entirely possible that you’ll be able to boost these Trophies with a partner, but if you can’t, then we’re looking at an extremely low 100 per cent rate here. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to earn what is certain to be a pretty darn rare Platinum Trophy? Grind it out in the comments section below.

[via psnprofiles.com]