"Will Destiny 2 hit 60 frames per second on console?" is a question that's been flying around for months now. The game was fully revealed yesterday at a big event hosted by Bungie, and even though the audience was filled with people who play video games for a living, most of them couldn't seem to work out what the frame rate was even after playing it. As such, there were conflicting reports across social media last night as various 'Tubers and Twitchers tried to relay accurate information.

It's taken an IGN interview to get a straight answer out of the developer, though. When asked the all important question of whether Destiny 2 will run at 60fps or not, Bungie confirmed that, much like the original Destiny, the sequel will be capped at 30fps on consoles, including the more powerful PS4 Pro. According to the studio, this is due to the sheer amount of stuff the game has to process, making 60fps impossible. In other words, it sounds as though Destiny 2, like its predecessor, is built with 30fps in mind.

It's perhaps a little disappointing that Destiny 2 won't hit that hallowed 60fps when so many other shooters on Sony's console do, but it's worth remembering that the original Destiny is incredibly smooth, barely dropping a single frame even when the fighting gets really intense. The 30fps cap has never phased us when playing Destiny, but then we've never had a 60fps PC version to compare it to. No doubt we'll be seeing plenty of comparison videos hit YouTube once Destiny 2 launches in September.