It's been one of the strongest starts to a year that we can remember, but PlayStation 4 is going from strength to strength. And asked on Twitter what Sony XDev Europe is up to aside from WipEout: Omega Collection and Matterfall, it had the following to say: "Lots of cool, still to be announced games. This year's going to be a good one."

Sony XDev Europe is obviously in charge first-party projects that are developed by teams outside of Worldwide Studios, so exactly what it's got in the pipeline is anyone's guess. We know that Murasaki Baby developer Ovosonico is working on a PS4 game, so that's likely one project in its portfolio. Arrowhead Games, the makers of Helldivers, may also be ready to show something new.

Whatever it's cooking, though, it's pretty clear at this point that Sony's new-gen system has not only hit its stride but is in a full-scale sprint right now. This generally tends to happen with PlayStation consoles a few years into their lifespan, and it's sure as hell happening again.