That massive Flash Sale must have overwhelmed Sony's servers, as the PlayStation Network is currently offline. While we're seeing plenty of complaints around the web, not everyone here at Push Square Towers is affected, so hopefully this is a minor hiccup, rather than a full-scale outage.

Sony, to its credit, has acknowledged the problem on its PSN status page. "You may be experiencing issues related to signing in or creating an account on the PlayStation Network," it wrote. "We appreciate your patience while we address this." We'll try to keep you updated as and when we learn more.

Update (01:00AM BST): Ask PlayStation has chipped in on the issues: "We are aware that users are having issues accessing PSN at the moment. Thanks for your patience as we investigate."

Update (03:15AM BST): While the service is certainly still spotty, we're reading reports all around the web that people are being able to successfully log back in to the PSN. Things aren't fully back online our end, but it's probably safe to assume that Sony's isolated the issue, and will be restoring the network to everyone in due time. We'll update as soon as we know more.