Mad Max

Mad Max recently had the misfortune of clashing its big re-reveal with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's leaked release date, but that hasn't stopped a heck of a lot more details regarding the post-apocalyptic adventure from surfacing.

In the newest issue of Game Informer, the publication reveals plenty about the title's gameplay. For starters, you'll need to eat and drink to keep Max alive while you're out exploring the wasteland, which, we suppose, kind of makes the PlayStation 4 release a bit of a survival simulator. You'll also come across Dog early in the game, who'll help you by sniffing out resources.

Meanwhile, developer Avalanche seems focussed on making this an enjoyable driving game, so you'll mostly be zooming about the desert in a customised vehicle, rather than marching across it on foot. When you are on foot, however, combat is apparently reminiscent of the Batman: Arkham games, featuring combos, dodges, and counters.

Elsewhere, things sound a bit less interesting. Your nemesis is the hilariously named Scrotus, a wasteland warlord. You'll need to conquer his outposts, which are dotted around the barren locale, in order to dampen his influence. Haven't heard that one before, have we?

Gameplay clich├ęs aside, it all sounds reasonably promising, and we're sure it won't be long until we get a look at some in-game footage. Are you excited? Rev your engines in the comments section below.