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Mad Max News

  • E3 2015 Mad Max Trailer Guarantees More Insanity with Its Main Antagonist

    What a lovely day

    Mad Max has already impressed us with its massive open world where you can ride around in a customized car wreaking havoc in utterly crazy vehicular battles. But that's not all, since there's melee-focused combat, RPG elements in regard to upgrading equipment and armor, and all sorts of things you can do in the depraved wasteland...

  • News Avalanche Pulls the Trigger on Mad Max Footage

    Soul of a man

    Swedish outfit Avalanche Studios has put its foot down on the first in-engine footage of Mad Max. The title – which is set to shoot up the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – will depict the eponymous hero’s plight, as he attempts to recover his lost vehicle, the Interceptor, from a barren desert wasteland. Despite being dubbed a...

About The Game

Open world game based on Mel Gibson movies.