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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Teddie vs. Kuma

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round 21

Ah, good old Who Would Win Wednesdays – a feature where we pit two PlayStation personalities against each other and ask you how you think that the battle would unfold. Last time around, we had our first ever group match between the Payday Gang and the GTA V Gang. Perhaps surprisingly, it turned out to be an incredibly close contest, but less surprising is the fact that Rockstar's trio of lunatics ended up bagging the cash with just a couple of winning votes. We're moving away from groups of psychopaths today, as we host a brawl between two furry beasts. It should prove to be beary interesting. [Sorry – Ed]


Who's that rotund figure hurtling towards us at a ridiculous speed? Why it's Teddie, everyone's favourite freak from Persona 4! He may look like an insanely huggable plushy, but anyone who's stepped into the shoes of protagonist Yu Narukami will tell you that this furball is good to have around when it comes to slaying shadows. Teddie may make adorable squishy sounds when he walks about on those tiny little legs, but if you don't take this bear seriously in battle, you'll end up going home in pieces. Wielding his clawed gauntlets, this cheery character has no qualms about ripping into enemies that are far more menacing than he is, and when that fails, he can whip out a choice selection of ice-based attacks with the help of his burly persona, Kintoki-Douji.


Despite being one of Tekken's first "are you serious?" characters, there isn't really much to say about Kuma other than that he's a bear who specialises in rolling around on the floor and smacking foes right in the chops with his giant bear paws. Men of science often hail the grizzly bear as the most dangerous land mammal on the planet, but what about one that's been trained in combat by a dastardly Japanese tyrant? We daresay Kuma would prove to be a perilous opponent for the majority of fighters that have appeared in this regular feature so far, and we used to positively dread coming up against a skilled Kuma user when testing our Tekken mettle online. Why Panda refuses to fall for this furry hunk's charms, we'll never know.

In a battle between an actual bear and someone who wishes that he was a bear, who would get their face clawed off? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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ObviouslyAdachi said:

Teddie would win, obviously. He literally has no heart and he's defeated worse, I mean one Shadow could kill Kuma.



charlesnarles said:

Although, Teddie isn't afraid to venture into strange openings and destroy stuff from the inside...



Chouzetsu said:

Votes are completely 50-50, wow.
I vote Kuma! He isn't just a bear, he is THE bear.



Heavyman99 said:

Teddie in an endurance race. Kuma can't cast healing spells, or use Bufudyne. Then again, if Teddie isn't in the TV World or it isn't the Dark Hour, there ain't much he can really do.



TNLGUY said:

I'd say Teddie, just because of his persona. If it were strictly paw-to-paw combat, then Kuma would obviously take the win.

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