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Mon 11th Jul 2011

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TNLGUY commented on Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed...:

Wow, this game isn't even half as inappropriate as, say, GTA which actually has sex in it as a feature. Akiba's Trip doesn't even have nudity, yet some of you in the comments are acting all sorts of appalled. Prudes, man. Even if there weren't significantly more inappropriate games on the market to compare AT to it wouldn't be half as atrocious as folks are making it out to be.



TNLGUY commented on Critically Acclaimed Fez Invades Sony's Consol...:

The game looks decent enough (never played), but Mr. Fish is just such an awful person it makes me want to dislike his game, too. If only Cave Story were available for PSN, that's a game I can get behind without the nasty aftertaste.



TNLGUY commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I know how you feel, Sammy. I've spent too much time just staring at my backlog instead of chipping away at it. However these days I'm playing through Trails in the Sky for PSP since it was announced that the sequel will be released this year. I hope that one of you will be reviewing that for us before long! I'm also playing through Ys I from Chronicles on nightmare mode just for kicks. I've just been in a Falcom sort of mood lately.



TNLGUY commented on Review: Persona 4 Golden (PlayStation Vita):

I was waiting for the site's review, excellent work, Nathan! I already know this is a great game, I just enjoy reading reviews of games I enjoyed. I have yet to get a Vita, but this will be my first game for it. I have great memories of the PS2 version.