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E3 2014: PS4's New Glacier White Model Is Cooler Than Cool

Posted by Sammy Barker

Ice cold

With the PlayStation 4 already tearing up the retail space, there wasn’t a whole lot for the platform holder to announce in the hardware department at E3. However, squeezed into the Destiny portion of its press conference, it did take a moment to unveil a new model of its next-gen system named ‘Glacier White’. There’s no pricing information available for this little beauty at the present, but it will come bundled with a copy of Bungie's first-person shooter and a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus when it deploys later this year.

Update: The limited edition Destiny bundle featuring the 'Glacier White' PS4 will retail for €439.99 in Europe.

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Dohv said:

Looks awesome. Thinking about selling my launch day black PS4 for this. And it includes Destiny all for 450. But I highly doubt you will be able to walk in and buy it. This will sell like crazy.



TheLobster said:

Just joined the site, over from NintendoLife.

This is what convinced me to buy a PS4, that and Sony's conference today. But this is the bundle I'll be getting. Looks like a pretty nice one and all the great games coming out soon don't hurt.



Mrskinner said:

I still prefer my launch day black console, white is no good with kids in the house!



Hokage17 said:

I like the white, it brings me back to them PSone days. Black is just starting to get bland to me.



Munkyknuts said:

It's pretty slick but my TV, TV stand, sound bar, wii, sky box and ps3 are all black standing together like a sexy onyx monolith waiting to be worshipped. Couldn't have a white PS4 spoiling the effect



bbq_boy said:

White is so sick! Destiny and white ps4 for my birthday! Gonna be a great gen of gaming



eliotgballade said:

looks "cool" (heh) seriously though it won't show the dust like my black one (which is looking more a SNES grey than black ! )

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