Helldivers 2 PSN PC

Sony has in the last few hours effectively doubled down on its decision to require PC players log into a PSN account to keep playing Helldivers 2 from 4th June 2024 by delisting the game entirely in countries where the service isn't officially available. SteamDB tracking has picked up a very, very long list of nations where the title is no longer being sold, which you can view through here. By taking the nuclear option, Sony appears unwilling to budge on its original requirement to sign into a PSN account when playing on PC.

There are reports of PC users getting full refunds for the game despite having played significantly longer than the two-hour grace period Steam offers. Sony requires all PC users to log into a PSN account from 4th June 2024 to continue playing; something the company mandated upon the game's original launch but was switched off temporarily so that developer Arrowhead Studios could better handle its unexpectedly huge playerbase.

For years now, it's been possible and freely accepted that anyone can sign up for a PSN account tied to practically anywhere in the world. This is how Helldivers 2 players on PC would be able to keep playing the game despite the Sony service not being officially available in that country. However, this new move from Sony could scare people in those countries off from doing so. The decision to demand a PSN account from next month has already drawn over 100,000 negative Steam user reviews.

Now, those with legitimate concerns are left in a concerning middle ground where they own a game that's been delisted, without a clear path forward. What do you think of this latest move? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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