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PS4's Next Call of Duty Game Will Be Disclosed on Sunday

Posted by Sammy Barker

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As previously speculated, Activision’s preparing to drop a hard-drive full of intel on the PlayStation 4’s next Call of Duty game. The publisher often announces the latest instalment in the first-person franchise in the weeks prior to E3, and it's not breaking protocol for Sledgehammer Games’ first full entry in the series, teasing a 4th May reveal.

Judging by a new trailer, it seems that the sequel will focus on private military corporations as opposed to the patriotic hooah nonsense of more recent releases. The change in tone makes sense, too, as the firm is describing this fresh outing as a “new era” for the previously predictable property. Are you looking forward to seeing what’s changed? Fire off a shot or two in the comments section below.


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Demi_God said:

Can't wait to hear more on this. I'm kind of excited to see what they do here.



Heiki said:

Great, another one...
Haven't people grown tired of COD yet?



Punkinhead145 said:

While I'm skeptical on yet another Call of Duty, I'm very intrigued on that Corporate Warfare premise, so I'm actually looking forward to seeing how that all pans out for the game.



SuperSilverback said:

Little bit of the MGS4 story line eh?

Havnt cared for a COD since the first black ops, but maybe Sledgehammer making the game all by themselves might give it the kick up the backside its needed for years now



KAPADO said:

Now I'm looking at you EA/DICE... How quill you respond? Hold the bugs this time. I might return to COD after a 2 year break



adf86 said:

@get2sammyb The CoD Ghosts multiplayer demo is coming this weekend for PS3 and PS4 but (as far as I'm aware) not on any xbox console? That rather adds fuel to the fire over those "PS4 is now the preferred platform for CoD" rumours I reckon.



Demi_God said:

I don't really care how tired some people get from all these CoD games. I still like them, although I skipped CoD ghosts since I think they really "slacked" when creating that game, I still look forward to the CoD games because I like the multiplayer on it.

As for Battlefield, ugh. So far EA/DICE's thing is to beat CoD to the launch regardless of the bugs and to screw over the people that get the game early with rubberbanding servers (which by the way aren't fixed yet) and whatever else they pull out of the trash. I like the BF games but damn, after BF, I won't pre-order another BF game since I already know what to expect from EA/DICE.



kupo said:

Super excited. I wonder what they will do for the "third" game type...Spec Ops? Honestly, I hope it's not that, haha.

Edit: Advanced Warfare. God DAMN...I wanna play this more than any other game!!! >:0



Ali247 said:

I'm very excited for this game and yes I know that this is just some regular cod game but it's not. They confirmed that they have been working on this for 3 years and it should be very good. And also all of the modern warfares were the best in my opinion



SuperSilverback said:

@Dub-Focus After Black Ops 2 id have to disagree.

Story Trailers up for Call of Duty, wait for it, Advanced Warfare. Doesnt look half bad, but that could be because of Kevin Spacet



Reverend_Skeeve said:

This trailer looks utterly fantastic (the ingame one, of course). I really dig the near future Crysis-vibe. And: Kevin "the man" Spacey. For some reason, the Crysis games have a special place in my heart. Finished part 1 3 times and part 2 around 5 and Advanced Warfare seem to cross Crysis with a Modern Warfare 1 and 2 feel.

First time in years I'm really interested again in a Call of Duty game.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Dodoo Exactly! MW1 blew my mind back then and I was super excited for MW2, loved it and played the hell out of it, but after that, my excitement for CoD just went "meh", somehow. I always felt that after MW2, a near future but properly futuristic CoD would be the next logical step to advance the series. MW3 or the Black Ops games didn't klick with me and I'm dead tired of WW2 games, so this new one is finally right up my alley again!



Crimson_Ridley said:

I just watched the trailer on PST, and this is my impressions from there:

That looked pretty dull. The graphics looked nice, and the facial motion capture was very good, but the story and gameplay was very unimaginative. It's just going to be the same tired Call of Duty fare, with lots of guns and little substance, with "crazy" plot twists firing out of its bum.

Advanced Warfare? How long did it take them to come up with a word that meant further along than Modern? Let's not forget it needs to have Warfare in the title. Wow, good job brain-stormers, you've really earned your wage...

Having Kevin Spacey in it is pretty cool, but I can imagine a lot of the budget has just gone in to sticking him in the game at every possible moment, and a lot less has gone in to making the game stand out from its previous iterations or anything that's being done or has been done before. Mario went in to the space, for God's sake and all you guys can do is change a word in the title!?

I pray that this will be something different, just like I did when Ghosts was announced because I used to enjoy the CoD franchise and would hope that with a new generation, the game actually tries to inject some life in to the franchise that's become ever so stale. But, I can hardly hold my breath, can I? If I did, I'd most assuredly die.



3rdEyeMind said:

Trailer was Michael Bay terrible. Absolutely no interest in it what-so-ever.

Still the cancer of the industry.



kensredemption said:

Already saw the trailer. Color me bored of the close-minded, militant and quasi-imperialistic mentality that CoD perpetuates annually.

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