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June PlayStation Plus Freebies to Be Revealed a 'Little Later' This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Instant Game Collection update incoming

If you’re already salivating over your next free stash of PlayStation Plus software, rest safe in the knowledge that Sony is planning to announce June’s rapidly approaching Instant Game Collection update this week. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton encouraged impatient fans to “look out for news a little later this week”.

While the giveaways leaked numerous times earlier in the year, the platform holder appears to have smoked out its rat. Subsequently, we have absolutely no idea what could be on the menu next month. On the PlayStation 4, isometric shooter Secret Ponchos is a popular guess, but the Western adventure was recently delayed, seemingly putting it on the backburner for now.

What would your dream lineup look like? Are you eager to try out more indie games, or are you ready for a big retail release to be added to the next-gen roster? Plot your perfect update in the comments section below.


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ztpayne7 said:

My ideal "realistic" month for the us this month would be like this: injustice - ps4, ni no kuni or tales as the rpg, metal gear solid 4, and duck tales for ps3, and lbp and muramasa for the vita.



ztpayne7 said:

@SimonAdebisi yeah, as much as it would be cool, no way gta v is there. Catherine is a possibility. Knack and killzone mercenary wouldn't be introduced til at least e3, if not later in the year. No way tearaway is there yet either unless they get aggressive with it for e3



ztpayne7 said:

@Rapidaz what do you think they could realistically release that isn't an indie? And then match it next month? And then the next? It's a delicate game they have to play. I'm okay it they go indie another few months. They don't have a lot of options.

Knack will be released later in the year, but probably not this month.



Dub-Focus said:

Id be quite happy with that Rayman game for PS4, a Youtube app would be Grand and the ability to have the CHAT/PARTY Audio to come out the TV speakers



ztpayne7 said:

@Dub-Focus it's probably a little too early for Rayman, but that may come later this year! Or early next year.

@wesker depends on what region he's in. I think the UK got it but the US hasn't.



rjejr said:

Isn't it odd they are announcing this a week before E3? Shouldn't they be waiting to update everything currently on offer for a whole slew of new stuff?

Not that it matters, I still haven't DL'd my May stuff yet, and I haven't played anything in ages as I'm over 100 in to Advance Wars. Stupid game to get addicted to, but I'm beginning to see the Gameboys appeal. Minish Cap this week. And some kart game. And Windwaker HD free w/ said kart game.

Wii U marketing slogan:
"When it rains it pours, when it's dry its dry as a bone."



molee94 said:

@Rapidaz your right. I've had enough of indies to last me a lifetime, as a consequence I'm hardly playing my ps4 at all. There's so much to play on the ps3 that I hardly touch my ps4. Actually I feel like I was lied to about the launch titles that were supposed to come with the ps4 because nearly everyone of them was delayed for one reason or another. I truly believe that Sony knew that the launch titles wouldn't be ready for launch, but they had to lie to us because they were afraid of xbox getting more sales. That's my opinion.



adf86 said:

Binding of Isaac Rebirth was announced as a future Plus title so that's a possibility. June is usually when PS3 gets it's annual titles updated though people have questioned for months why Sony didn't do the same for vita. I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 gets an annual game come november (maybe Killzone)



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

A non indie would be ideal for the 4. AAA would be awesome but unlikely, and a game such as Strider would be grand.

I personally don't see why a remaster cant be on there, Injustice or Tomb Raider for example. Maybe even CoD, its not like it would take a sales hit!

It would be nice to get a game that at least shows its on PS4, but thats a pipe dream for now.



k_andersen said:

@Dub-Focus While I think it's unlikely that we'll get Rayman, I now really really really want Rayman! That would actually be the best thing ever!



Rapidaz said:

@molee94 I've got nothing against indie games just be nice for something different for a change , the only game I've enjoyed is outlast . Fingers crossed it's NFS or Assassins creed black flag




I hope it's a game that is worth it I don't care for indie games my self so maybe something a little up market maybe with a multi aspect to it
I'm guessing it won't be but planet side would be sweet maybe they will let us have access to our payed for games on ps3 who knows as long as it's a step in right direction game wise is all I want



bbq_boy said:

How about chrono trigger for us brits ^^ its an oldie but what an oldie to have on ps vita. Possibly God of war 3 on ps3!!



Munkyknuts said:

I love indie games but most of the ones given out on the PS4 so honestly haven't done much for me....I enjoyed last months bonkers offering tho.
I think a bigger release like Injustice that's been out for a while would be idea if it will happen tho.
As to PS3 my PS+ backlog on that is massive already so it would have to be something amazing for me to bother with it.



sajoey said:

This is super exciting, because what you have to remember is that June is when they provide the big year long update. This is when we get LBP, and X-COM, and Uncharted 3. This is the big month. Now, I don't know if it'll be revealed along with this update. If my memory serves correct, it didn't last year, but it is possible.



rastamadeus said:

@sajoey Don't be surprised to see that not happen. Already confirmed they lied about changing the Vita's two titles so I can't see them doing it with PS3. PS+ on PS3 has only about five months left anyway until the games dry up as as we get closer to Christmas Sony will shift it all over to PS4. Why upgrade when you get free games?



Dohv said:

I can see Thief being offered for PS4. Not next month but sometimes later this year.







blitzkrieg_exe said:

PS4 - Knack (please) or Injustice
PS3 - The Last of Us (So everyone gets a copy and Naughty Dog has a legitimate excuse not to compensate anyone who expects a digital upgrade once Remastered drops.)
PSVita - Anything but The Walking Dead Season 1 or Persona 4 Golden. I just bought those ;_;



rastamadeus said:

@Punished_Boss is wrong I'm afraid @XFsWorld as it won't be today it's revealed. They reveal them either the day PS+ is updated here in Europe (Wednesday) or the last Friday of the month, with the update then going out the next week. That's what they've been saying on the blog the past few months.




Imagine if Sony created a AAA game that is ONLY available thru PSPlus. A TRUE EXCLUSIVE to the service. It would of course have to be something for everyone. Something that could possibly even go viral. Sounds crazy but it would give Plus another incentive to subscribers.



drumsandperc92 said:

honestly I'm just hoping for some sort of retail game on ps4 already, though i wouldn't be surprised if we keep getting indies till holiday season this year. knack is the likely first giveaway but ill take anything really just to try it. CoD, BF4, NFS, NBA2k14, killzone, rayman, anything. the indies have so far been ok but nothing i can really get into personally.

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