We know next to nothing about the game, but Bethesda has confirmed that the recently revealed DOOM beta that’s set to ship alongside pre-orders of MachineGames’ series reboot Wolfenstein: The New Order will only be compatible with the PlayStation 4. That means that if you purchase the aforementioned title on your PlayStation 3, you’ll need to skip the sampler or pick up one of Sony’s new systems.

Assuming that you’re armed with the sufficient equipment to test out the super secret shooter, you’ll need to redeem a code included in your copy of Wolfenstein when it launches on 20th May. You’ll then be contacted with additional information at a later date explaining how to participate. The publisher added that those who purchase the game digitally – such as through the PlayStation Network – will also receive access to the test.

Interestingly, you won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to take part in the beta, but will need an Xbox Live Gold account if you happen to switch sides. There’s no word on when the sampler will start or how long it will last for. It’s a good thing, then, that MachineGames’ single player focused first-person affair is shaping up nicely, because this doesn’t exactly have the hallmarks of a vintage pre-order bonus yet, does it?

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