Despite blossoming into a really quality console, the PlayStation Vita is still struggling to attract the interest of more mainstream gamers. Its fortunes have undoubtedly improved in its native Japan, but in Western territories it remains a niche device that mostly appeals to the type of people that read this website. And it would seem that not even Sony has much faith in the product in these parts.

While we’d happily describe our midnight binge with exclusives Toukiden and TxK as “portable gaming perfection”, the platform holder reckons that that moniker belongs to its Xperia Z2 tablet when tethered to a DualShock 3. In fairness, it was just retweeting the embedded correspondence from the official Xperia account, but the misjudged message has already prompted a slew of irate reactions from irked handheld owners.

“Guess I don’t need my Vita anymore,” one follower wrote in response, while another sarcastically pointed out that his system cried a “single tear” after seeing the tweet. We genuinely don’t think that there was any intended malice in this message, but it doesn’t seem like the most appropriate choice of words when the manufacturer has a superior portable gaming product fighting for its life.