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Rumour: The Walking Dead Tucks into PS4 from 17th June

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Telltale Games’ award-winning episodic escapade The Walking Dead appears to be extending its rotten legs to the PlayStation 4. North American mega retailer GameStop is currently taking pre-orders for the unannounced remaster – which includes all of Season One as well as the 400 Days expansion – ahead of a proposed 17th June launch. Of course, that’s a Tuesday, which is when most new games deploy overseas.

As already alluded, there’s no official confirmation from the developer just yet, but it seems reasonable that it would want to expand the series to Sony’s best-selling super machine. The firm’s also porting The Walking Dead: Season Two to the PlayStation Vita, and the first episodes of that will arrive later this week. Are you down for making some difficult decisions all over again? Think carefully in the comments section below.


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Paranoimia said:

Nope. Due to the graphical style, I see no point in remastering this one. Loved it, but zero interest in buying it again.

The only one I'm interested in so far is The Last Of Us. Even so, I'm getting a bit sick of all these ports from PS3 to PS4.



MadchesterManc said:

dem portz! Ps4 only haz da Portz n no gamez couldn't resist lol Ive already played through the first season on PC eons ago so Ill pass on this, although if the price is right I may give it a go. Can't really see it being much of a technical improvement from playing it maxed on PC tho so we'll have to see



hammergrantN7 said:

Absolutely no way I'm buying it again but if season 2 comes out on ps4 I'll definitely be buying that



get2sammyb said:

@hammergrantN7 @Paranoimia I think the problem they have is that they're obviously going to want to continue the series on PS4 now, but with all the saves tied to older systems, they need to find a way to allow you to transfer that data forwards.

I think the ports are fine — and inevitable — but they have to be complemented by new stuff as well. That'll happen in time.



Chris1975 said:

Loved it, actually one of the most rewarding games of the last gen but as previously stated I have no intention to buy for the next gen considering there isn't much they can improve on.

Look forward to Season Two (phew managed to get through that spoiler free LOL)



hammergrantN7 said:

@get2sammyb O yeah completely. I'm sure they will have some sort of cloud system to transfer them over. If they don't then it's gonna be completely pointless porting it for people who have already played it. Because a game like that where the graphics are really not that important there's not a huge insentive to buy it again as aposed to something like the last of us



Midzark said:

Yay!, never played it before so if the price is right I might give this ago!, that's saying I can fit any time around my love of Final Fantasy 14 Lol 😋



SethPuddle said:

hope this is true. I made it to the last episode but never finished it haven't even started the second.



Dohv said:

I never played it, but I think I want to grab the Vita version instead.

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