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Octodad May Extend a Tentacle to PS4 Later This Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fish out of water

The hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 port of Young Horses’ bizarre underwater escapade Octodad: Dadliest Catch is finished, and is currently going through Sony’s certification process. According to a studio spokesperson writing on Reddit, if our aquatic protagonist can get past the platform holder’s quality assurance department without anyone suspecting his oceanic origins, the title could deploy later this month.

The game will retail for $14.99 (presumably £11.99), and will not be given away as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription. Whether there’ll be a token discount for premium members remains to be seen, but these have been quite common alongside the launch of a lot of indie games, so cross your fingers for that added incentive. The title will support full PlayStation Move compatibility – though the developer stresses that using two can get a bit chaotic.

Are you ready to submerge yourself into this strange parenting simulator? Have you got your tentacles crossed for an imminent launch? Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview through here, and then swim away in the comments section below.


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gbanas92 said:

Yes! I'm so ready! I've been holding off from getting it on Steam because I just really want to play it on my PS4!



Jaz007 said:

Cool, I wish this had been the Plus game of the month instead. I've got a full Move set for it too.



NicolaHayden said:

If this had an added PS+ discount, I would buy it even though I don't have my PS4 yet.

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