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Can You Believe That Sony Still Makes PlayStation Portables?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Probably not for much longer, though

Sony’s first foray into the handheld space endured a premature demise in the UK and North America, but up until recently, the PlayStation Portable remained a popular option in the platform holder’s native Japan. However, with the system’s successor the PlayStation Vita emerging as an increasingly viable upgrade, the manufacturer is starting to dial down production of its once pocketable powerhouse.

The fine folks over at Siliconera report that the Japanese giant has now discontinued construction of all of the device’s models aside from the bog standard Piano Black. While this was, of course, the primary option in the West, the PlayStation maker’s product line in the East consisted of more hues than a rainbow, including the more outlandish Radiant Red, Spirited Green, Blossom Pink, and Vibrant Blue. No, really.

The publication adds that there are still titles in production for the platform, but these generally consist of niche otome adventures and visual novels. In the West, the last major release may well be XSEED’s localisation of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, although the site does add that its heard gossip pertaining to the translation of one other JRPG. Either way, it’s been almost ten years since the format first arrived in Japan. That’s not a bad innings at all.


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Epic said:

Well with it selling more than Vita in some periods it doesn't even suprise me. xD



gr8apeb8 said:

I am happy with my vita. But there are times where I miss that little machine. First game was ff7 advent children.
It brought me back to handheld gaming, I hadn't owned a handheld since the original game boy. PSP was an amazing system with a phenomenal game library. Its still overwhelming going into the psp section of PSN store.
Let's hope the Vita will start to pick up.



get2sammyb said:

The PSP launch lineup, certainly in Europe, was absolutely phenomenal. Those first few years of the system were incredible really - it was way ahead of its time.



tbm0987 said:

after playing with the PSP my friend handed me i said...... " ill wait for the PSP2" aka Vita. i just didnt have enough power for what i wanted at the time. i wanted an all in on device. and really if you have the time to learn...... you can do everything with vita that you can do with a cell phone. i think those r dum to have... lol;)



Jaz007 said:

And they already discontinued the Vita 1000 model, which actually means unless you track one down you can't find a new Vita in stores right now.



CrazyOtto said:

I think PSPs will still be produced for a very long time in Japan, just like how PS2s were still produced until 2012.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

The only successful handheld within Sony with great AAA titles that is yet to be replicated on PS Vita.



fchinaski said:

I was really surprised last week to know that the enhanced version of Toukiden will have a PSP version. Can't imagine for the life of me how it will play though.



charlesnarles said:

One of the first episodes of The Office (US) shows a PSP on Jim's desk, I noticed after watching it for the hundredth time. I really wish we could get an enhanced MG Ac!d collection for Vita. Maybe even PO which is real hard to control on PSP.



rjejr said:

Gamestop has a half page ad for DS Lite this week. Not the DSi, the Lite. Its craxy how these older handhelds stick around, the 3DS has been out over 3 years already, and its BC w/ DS games. And mow w/ the cheaper 2DS Im not sure why DSi even exist.

At least the PSP makes sense as no BC on the Vita. And Duo Pro sticks arent obscenely expensive if you can gind them.



goonow said:

Now we will never see a vita god of war game. The psp had 2 gow games!



gr8apeb8 said:

@thedevilsjester good call good sir. I was on coffee break and trying to chuff down a cig while I wrote that. Time constraints cause memory problems with me!

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