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This Sweeping Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer will Make You Book a Trip to Thedas

Posted by Robert Ramsey

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Still slated for release later this year, BioWare's cross-gen follow up to the divisive RPG Dragon Age II is hoping to get you excited about returning to Thedas with this newest environmental trailer.

While the locations on show aren't exactly the most unique that we've witnessed in a fantasy setting, they certainly look pretty. From the riverside woodlands to the intimidating floating stone structures, Dragon Age: Inquisition looks the part despite being stretched over both the PS3 and PS4. Do you wish you were there, stabbing ogres and whacking dragons? Flap your wings in the comments section below.

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get2sammyb said:

The graphics are gorgeous in places, but Bioware would have to pay me to play this.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb DA:O was trying so hard to be medieval fantasy KotOR, but it didn't translate at all. Now if they'd team up with EA and make KotOR 3, then I'd be happy!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I doubt many of these scenes are actual gameplay locations, I'd love a woodland adventure/RPG for ps4



odd69 said:

I had the original dragons age never did pick up the sequel. But this looks good, i think there is another video which does it justice,



ztpayne7 said:

it depends on how it plays. I tried DA:O, and i hated the gameplay, but I thought what I heard of the dialogue was funny/witty. I played the second and I somewhat liked the gameplay (much better than DA:O), but the locations (namely dungeons and such) were SO bland, and it probably hurt that I missed the first one a little. So I would need a lot of convincing to play this.



ShogunRok said:

@ztpayne7 As far as I'm aware, you can play it more like an action RPG, or play it strategically. They're really trying to appeal to everyone with this.



shingi_70 said:


Why DA:O was probably one of the best games of last generation in terms of writing, gameplay, and overall scope. Plus it had probably the best post launch support of a game other than borderlands.



Ginkgo said:

Gorgeous open worlld? Check. Fantasy themed? Check. Magical combat? Check. Dragons? Check. - Count me in!

Personally, I quite enjoyed DA2 (never played DA:O, so I don't have any comparison).



baconcow said:

The graphics look nice. But, i am sure once you get into the game world, it will look or play nothing like this trailer suggests. DA2 failed.

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