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Spoil the Fun with inFAMOUS: Second Son Trophy List and Soundtrack

Posted by Kell Andersen

Spoilers ahoy

Developer Sucker Punch may be keeping its lips shut tighter than a peeved parent's purse strings, but that doesn't mean that it's managed to keep hold of every detail surrounding upcoming teenage angst simulator inFAMOUS: Second Son. In true franchise fashion, an eager fan has purposefully defied his master's wishes, managing to dig up both the game's full Trophy list and its soundtrack. Oh, and if it hasn't clicked yet, these finds are oozing with potential spoilers.


  • Enjoy Your Powers – Collect all trophies
  • Unstoppable – Finish the game on Expert difficulty
  • Sacrifice – Risk your freedom to protect those you care about
  • Ruthless – Look out for yourself, no matter the consequences
  • Temperance – Practice self-control
  • Malice – Get them before they get you
  • Courage – Stand up for the helpless
  • Contempt – Don’t fear the weak
  • Mercy – Everyone deserves a second chance
  • Revenge – An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
  • Justice – Expose the corruption of the powerful
  • Dominance – Show the world that nobody can protect them
  • Reconciliation – Finish the story with Good Karma
  • Rebellion – Finish the story with Evil Karma
  • Everybody Out – Rescue 10 suspects from suspicion pens
  • Spin-off – Beat down 10 sign twirlers
  • Everyone’s a Critic – Take out 10 street musicians
  • Just Say No – Bust 10 drug dealers
  • Freedom of Speech – Disrupt 10 activist rallies
  • What Did You Call Me? – Kill 10 obnoxious Akuran gang members
  • Someone Your Own Size – Rescue 10 escaped conduits from angry mobs
  • Walk It Off – Heal 10 wounded civilians
  • Kicking and Screaming – Finish off 10 wounded enemies or civilians
  • True Hero – Achieve Level 5 Good Karma
  • Infamous – Achieve Level 5 Evil Karma
  • Bweep! Bweep! Bweep! – Collect half the Blast Shards
  • Shardcore – Collect all the Blast Shards
  • Nothing To See Here – Destroy half the D.U.P. security cameras
  • Blinded – Destroy all of the D.U.P. security cameras
  • Inside Track – Collect all the Informant Audio Logs
  • Blown Cover – Defeat all the D.U.P. Secret Agents
  • Big Brother – Destroy all the D.U.P. Hidden Cameras
  • Coloring Inside the Lines – Complete all the Stencil Art
  • Prank Call – Complete a District Showdown
  • Hello Operator – Complete Showdowns in half of the districts
  • Final Showdown – Complete all of the District Showdowns in the city
  • One Down – Clear the D.U.P. completely out of a district
  • Home Field Advantage – Clear the D.U.P. out of half the districts in the city
  • Clean Sweep – Clear the D.U.P. out of the entire city
  • Total CARnage – Destroy 5 cars in 5 seconds
  • Drop Everything – Comet Drop over 170 meters
  • Keep It Up – Stay in the air for more than 45 seconds
  • Put That Anywhere – Defeat 10 enemies by detonating ammo crates
  • Hat Trick – Defeat an enemy using three different power sources
  • Double Smoke Stack Attack – Dash through two red air vents without touching the ground and then Comet Drop on an enemy
  • Cough Drop – Comet Drop on three coughing enemies
  • Make Fetch Proud – Hit three weak points with Neon Beam in 6 seconds
  • Excessive Force – Use a Karmic Streak attack to defeat exactly one enemy


  • Second Son – Marc Canham
  • The Vandal King – Marc Canham
  • Speed of Light – Brain
  • Conflict Resolution – Marc Canham
  • Brothers Nathan – Johnson
  • Double Crossed – Brain
  • Henry Daughtry Marc – Canham
  • The Bio-Terrorist Threat – Nathan Johnson
  • The Call – Marc Canham
  • Cumulonimbus – Marc Canham
  • Martial Law – Brain
  • Freedom and Security – Nathan Johnson
  • Serial Tagger – Nathan Johnson
  • Brooke Augustine – Marc Canham
  • Higher Elevation – Brain
  • Abigail Walker – Marc Canham
  • Wavelength – Nathan Johnson
  • Owning the Future – Brain
  • Smoke and Mirrors – Marc Canham
  • Alibi – Brain
  • Enemy Territory – Marc Canham
  • Scraping the Sky – Nathan Johnson

With titles like 'Rebellion' and 'Owning the Future' adorning these two lists, you can bet your stolen lunch money that this game will be filled to the brim with emotional misunderstandings and passive aggressive patter. And to be perfectly honest, we wouldn't have it any other way. Will you be picking up inFAMOUS: Second Son, or will Solid Snake be taking up your time next weekend? Be a conduit for change in the comments section below.


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OliverCrossland said:

@get2sammyb I have an Electronics Shop down in Lincolnshire and we also sell games and we have the Sony reps coming on March 20th for an exclusive lock-in and midnight opening, really looking forward to it!



banacheck said:

Thanks for posting the trophy list looks like there is plenty to do, nice mix of trophies too. I cannot wait for this game, just 10 days to go here in the UK.



shingi_70 said:

Those aren't as spoilerish as I thought. I'm guessing the revenge one is Deslin's brother or fetch being killed.



Spidernoir said:

Didn't look at the list but I did get a photo-memory of the length of the list.

That's a lot of trophies, will keep me busy.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

Blast Shards for the win!!!
I see how they brought back taking out musicians. I liked doing that in New Marais in inFamous 2

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