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Rumour: April PlayStation Plus Content Lineup Includes Sly Cooper and PES 2014 in Europe

Posted by Sammy Barker

Mercenary Kings, Hotline Miami, and more

Sony may not have ensnared its PlayStation Plus rat after all, as Game Points Now – the source responsible for accurately leaking the past two months’ worth of European giveaways – has returned with April’s impending Instant Game Collection update. As always, it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt until officially confirmed – but this site hasn’t been wrong yet.

According to the publication, Mercenary Kings will be your free PlayStation 4 giveaway for the month, which is expected considering its announced inclusion in the Asian PlayStation Plus update. It’ll purportedly be joined by soccer simulation Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and first-party platformer Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the PlayStation 3. In handheld land, Hotline Miami and MotoGP 13 will supposedly be your complimentary downloads.

Again, this is hearsay until the platform holder says otherwise, but the source has been spot on two months in a row now, so clearly has access to some kind of insider information. Assuming that it's correct, what do you make of this lineup? This editor’s indulgent ‘Add to Basket’ finger was hovering over MotoGP 13 last night, so there are audible sighs of relief around Push Square towers right now.


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Reverandjames said:

I wonder if this will be the cross save version of sly? If not. Nothing for me again this month and subscription will be cancelled.



get2sammyb said:

@ReverandJames That's been the case with most cross-buy PS Plus giveaways, so I'm sure it will be, yeah. The same will be true of Hotline Miami — which means you'll probably get the PS4 version when that comes out, too.



Epic said:

Iw ould be happy with some Sly Copper action for NA.
I've been wanting this game since its release but my budget is short after repairing my PS3 T_T



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@get2sammyb I disagree.
Visually it looks polished but that's it.
I played Scott Pilgrim and didn't enjoy it at all, and this visual style doesn't capture me.
From what I've seen so far there is nothing in this game that will make me want to play it, even if given for free.
Not my bag is all, I know people will enjoy it but it's another let down for me.



rjejr said:

Sly would be nice. I enjoy getting DmC, Tomb Raider snd Bioshock but the string of M rated games had left little for my kids to enjoy. We're playing Jak 2 now, still not enjoyable.



bradd78 said:

@get2sammyb, I'm with you with the sighs of relief. I've been considering Hotline Miami for ages but even more with the Cross-Buy announcement, and Sly would complete the collection for me.



RawShark said:

I guess Sly will be a decent, fluffy, change of pace, and Merc Kings is fine by me, but seeing as I already picked up Hotline:Miami in the sales there's nothing else that appeals. Footie and MotoGP do nothing for me, sadly.



Kezabien2 said:

Nothing for me this month as Moto GP and Mercenary Kings don’t interest me, I already own Hotline Miami (amazing game BTW!) and I don’t have a PS3 anymore (I hope Sly is cross buy though!) but I don’t mind too much as was spoilt a bit with Outlast and Dead Nation the last few months.



RawShark said:

It looks like they've managed to stop the leak before the day they announce the games though (assuming they're going to officially announce these alongside the 3pm Store Update).



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Personally I would prefer a higher end title every quarter than a sub par indie game every month.

Dead Nation was average the first time around, and not much has changed.
Outlast was ok if you had a couple of hours to spare and Contrast was arguably the worst game I have seen grace the PSN store in a long time.

Resogun and Don't Starve were fun for a while until I realised they were the EXACT same thing over and over.
And that is what this Merc Kings looks like to me from what I have seen.
I enjoyed Metal Slug the first time around but not enough that I would play it now.

So until something halfway decent (in my opinion) comes along, I'll stick to DCUO and Assassins Creed.



RawShark said:

@Reverandjames Well, if you do cancel your subscription, spend the money you've saved this month on Fez. I've already played it on the Xbox, but it was one of my favourite games I played last year. Think it will work great on Vita too.



ferrers405 said:

It's certain that the line up will be different from US, i doubt they're going to give PES to american plus members.



Weskerb said:

People are complaining about the PS4 offerings, but what do you expect? Killzone? Knack? There is no way you'll get those for a while, if ever. It's not like a Killzone game has ever come to Plus before.



Squiggle55 said:

Mercenary Kings would be fine with me in the US. I REALLY appreciate inclusions into ps+ on their first day on psn, so I don't accidentally buy it a week before it's free.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Not interested in any of these games but I'm not complaining. I have a big PS plus backlog to get through.



Reverandjames said:

@RawShark I'm planning on picking up Fez this weekend. Looks great!
I think people tend to forget that these aren't FREE games. We have to pay for this subscription, and I think us early adopters of the PS4 deserve a little more than an indie title every month. We don't even know if Mercenary Kings is gonna be any good yet. I would have expected something like Rayman, or Injustice this month.



RawShark said:

@Reverandjames I have a feeling Injustice would be tricky due the amount of licensed characters in it. That's also why you never see Marvel games added to the service. Rayman's more likely, but the official response is going to be the PS4 version came out last month, and it's too soon to add it to the service (as it would basically prevent people from buying the full priced game).

The fact is, we're not going to get boxed games to be on the PS4 service for a while. If you only own a PS4, and you're not gaming online or enjoying the indie games, then PS Plus isn't going to be worth your money. As a service, it increases in value with the number of Sony platforms you own. If I were in your shoes I'd probably cancel the sub and check back in a year.



Reverandjames said:

@RawShark I have all 3. PES would not interest me in the slightest, although sly would be more appealing if It's cross play, however, hotline miami and moto gp are shocking choices for vita. An indie game which (while awesome) has been in and out of the sales so quite unlikely that a lot of people don't already own it, and if you're not a racing fan, you're pretty screwed. I must admit, I forgot that playing online requires PS plus now, and I do go on DCUO every now and then, but I just feel that there's been quite a few weak months on the whole for us loyal subscribers.



RawShark said:

@Reverandjames ah sorry - been much discussion on this topic and I must have mixed you up with someone else. This month isn't the strongest there's been, (I picked up Hotline Miami in the sales too - after this and Tomb Raider I've learned my lesson to not buy stuff in sales any more), but they have to get a decent mix of genres in the selection. You and me might not be into football and motorsports, but other folks are. It's a service for everyone, and as such you can't win them all. One thing I have noticed is that they're trying to keep their choices above the 70 metascore mark. Which is a good way to go.

I guess it all depends on whether you can bear to let go of all the other games you've picked up via Plus while you've been a member. I've actually sold boxed copies of games I owned when they became available on PS Plus, so I'm in it for the long run

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