Mercenary Kings

April’s PlayStation Plus content refresh may be being kept under wraps until later in the week, but that’s not stopped the Asian PlayStation Blog from potentially revealing one of your freebies. The website’s Hong Kong arm has listed upcoming indie shooter Mercenary Kings as the PlayStation 4’s complimentary title, which is significant seeing as the region's next-gen giveaways have been mirrored globally since launch.

Even more interestingly, the Tribute Games developed shoot-‘em-up is set to release on 1st April in North America and 2nd April in Europe, which should coincide with the next Instant Game Collection update. For those out of the loop, the co-operative side-scroller has been produced by many of the people behind the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tie-in, and sees you gunning down bad guys with buddies while customising your weapons with lots of loot.

Does this care package sound like the kind of thing that you’ll enjoy, or are you irritated with all of the pixelated indie games? Take a shot in the comments section below.

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