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Rumour: Did Kojima Just Reveal a Special Edition PS4 for Metal Gear Solid 5?

Posted by Kell Andersen

De-cypher this one

Hideo Kojima, the director of the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise, may just be the king of social media. The auteur is clearly getting bored now that he doesn't get to play dress up anymore, so he's decided to bombard his official online accounts with a veritable gold mine of tantalizing teases. And really, who needs an actual game when we have the portentous provocateur's jam-packed Twitter feed to peruse?

The most recent development has seen the luminary post a series of pictures of the various console SKUs that have been used to promote his games, including the jungle camo PlayStation Portable and gun metal PlayStation 3. He ended this recap by dropping a hint which demonstrated all of the subtly that's to be expected from a man who's made a career out of directing games about an old guy who hides inside a cardboard box. "After all, I wonder if you want a limited edition?" he teased. "[SONY] × [PS4] × [MGS GZ] collaboration initiative is in progress. More information at a later date."

If we don't see some sort of limited edition version of the next-gen system to commemorate the incoming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, this reporter will eat his decorative military beret. Are you getting sick of Kojima's incessant Twitter tirades? Would you be interested in a gun metal PS4? Devour a ration in the comments section below.


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Reverend_Skeeve said:

I would absolutely not be surprised if there would be a special edition of the game and a specially branded console to go with it...if not in March, then latest when the other, meatier part of MGS V launches.

In fact, I could very well see Konami releasing a special edition of Ground Zeroes, release a special edition of Phantom Pain...and then release the two games together a little bit later, in another special-special edition (tag line: "This time it's really special...we mean it!").



alphadrago5 said:

"...This reporter will eat his decorative military beret." I demand recorded footage and/or pictures.



Gamer83 said:


Doubt there will be a Ground Zeroes branded console but given that PS3 got an MGS 4 special edition bundle and even PSP got one for Peace Walker, I think it pretty much goes without saying they'll do something for Phantom Pain.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Gamer83 Agreed, I was more thinking about a special edition of the game itself. For Phantom Pain and/or the complete package of MGS V I think a special edition PS4 is definitely you said, the PS3 got a similar treatment.

Have to admit I'm a sucker for (good) special editions...I caved in and bought the Halo 3 Xbox 360 back then and tend to buy the collectors edition of a game if it has some nice goodies and some decent DLC thrown in for good measure.



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, I'll go a little extra for a good Special Edition of the game itself although it depends on price. $100 is as high as I'll go, once we get beyond that it's really pushing it, even if some of the stuff you get is pretty cool. These days though it seems like there's usually enough with the pre-order bonus for a $60 standard edition.



charlesnarles said:

I bought my ps3 and 4 to play MGS and should have waited for the collectors edition both times! But I just couldn't wait. No way I'm buying another one either lol



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Gamer83 Indeed...around a 100,- bucks is also my sweet spot for a good Collectors Edition. I payed that for Aliens Colonial Marines (yeah, I know *sob). Still like the SE, though...the paperwork included and of course the power loader figurine are awesome...sadly, the game is not.

I also like that nowadays you usually get a bunch of DLC when you pre-order. It kinda softens the blow to have to pay full price for a game on launch. I mean when you just can't wait till the price drops because you absolutely have to have the game NOW.

Oh, and about not buying another SE of the PS4 when MGS launches? Let me remind you of that when the time comes.

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