Pick the odd one out

Who needs fancy press releases when we have Hideo Kojima's Twitter feed? The man is a walking marketing machine, tweeting out picture upon picture of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, and sending our Soliton hype radars into overdrive. Most recently, he posted a screenshot of the exceedingly endearing PlayStation 4 exclusive feature that will allow you to play as a janky and pixelated character model from the franchise's PSone days.

The other images show Solid Snake's remarkably well dressed Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka having a grand old time testing out the title using Sony's recently announced HMZ T-3 Head Mounted Display. Oh, and just to clarify, that is absolutely not the fabled VR headset that the Japanese giant may or may not be working on. Instead, it's an entirely different and completely frivolous piece of tech that would undoubtedly require seven separate mortgages to purchase.

The best picture of the lot, though, reveals the incoming game's suitably un-stealthy box art. Just, er, go ahead and ignore that green box on the left there. Are you getting excited for the hotly anticipated title? Do you think that the franchise's signature brand of tactical espionage action is rock solid? Switch controller ports in the comments section below.

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