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The Developer Behind Killzone: Mercenary Is Up to Something

Posted by Kell Andersen

Can you say next-gen?

Two recruitment listings have recently popped up regarding Killzone: Mercenary developer Guerrilla Cambridge that suggest that the studio may have a new game in the works. The first advertisement calls for a senior environment artist with expertise in "PS3/PS4 quality texturing" as well as "development experience on recent AAA console games". The second, searching for a senior graphics programmer, refers to the use of "an established rendering engine, on a major future project".

Given its history, it's entirely possible that the studio could just be bolstering its numbers to do odd jobs for other internal Sony developers. However, after the stellar reception its recent handheld outing received, we'd bet our last Helghan dollar that this is something slightly more ambitious. Have you shot your way through Killzone: Mercenary yet, or are you waiting for it to join the Instant Game Collection? Would you like to see Guerrilla Cambridge try its hand at a next-gen experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Didn't finish Merc. Great game though.

Personally I'd like them to stick with Vita and get some more top tier content out there.



Dodoo said:

I'm still blown away by the visuals for Mercenary on Vita. Incredible!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Good news! I would like a nice PS4 game, but I'm hoping that they'll do something for the Vita as well. I don't even have one, but someday, I will...and there's too little good AAA games on Vita, it seems.



irken004 said:

Personally I think guerilla cambridge should be left to make all future KZ titles, leaving guerilla to make whatever they have planned next. Mercenary was worlds better than shadow fall in my opinion!



Gemuarto said:

Yeah, Mercenary was better than Shadow Fall, even in terms of visual design =). And gameplay was better, too.

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