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Minecraft: PS3 Edition Moves Past One Million Sales in One Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

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You didn’t think that Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition’s relatively late arrival on Sony’s ageing system would impede its commercial performance, did you? Good, because after around a month available on the PlayStation Network, the indie smash has already exceeded sales in the region of one million units. We’re convinced that people must be double-dipping at this point, as there can’t possibly be a sentient being on the planet that doesn’t already own a copy of Mojang’s brick-‘em-up.

As part of a brief blog post, the developer's Daniel Kaplan noted that the sales are “crazy” considering that the game launched just before Christmas, and hinted that he hopes that fans like the updates that the company has got in the pipeline. For the record, the title has sold over 20 million copies across various platforms to date, with the already announced PlayStation 4 and Vita versions poised to push that figure further. Have you contributed to the outstanding numbers above? Dig a hole in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

After hearing that this one has 4 Player splitscreen I'm really thinking about giving this game a try.



rjejr said:

Holy frijoles! 1 million sales for an old $20 DL game? I hope that doesnt set a precedent. And I guess it was priced right.

Did it sell better than Derrick the Deathfin?

My kid just got a $25 Amazon GC and he wants to buy this, anybody know why I can't find it on Amazon? (Yes I know it's DL only, there are pages and pages of PSN codes on Amazon.)



Zombie_Barioth said:

As far as I know its not up, the only digital code I've seen for Minecraft on there was for the PC version, and that was once a few months back or so. Its not up for the Xbox 360 version either though. You could buy a digital PSN code that just gets sent to your e-mail if you want to transfer the funds, but it won't do much good due to taxes and the lowest valued card being $10.



rjejr said:

@irken004 - I know it;s cheaper than the $27 forever PC version, I just remember a lot of people complaining when PSN games started going up to $14.99 from $9.99 as a top. And people always complain when PS3 gets games 1 year after Xbox360. So for a $20 PSN game to sell 1 mil copies a year after it came out on Xbox360 I consider to be a really impressive feat. Of course I really don't know how many copies a typical $9.99 PSN game sells but I'm guessing somebody would report 1 million or even 500k. I could be wrong and it could be an everyday occurrence w/ 80mil PS3 in the world.
I'm still impressed though.

@Zombie_Barioth - "You could buy a digital PSN code"

Man, I hate when I'm stupid and miss an obvious solution. Thanks. My kid wants to buy this today, he needs to learn about taxes. And living in NY we always deal w/ taxes.



odd69 said:

20$ seemed expensive until you play it, i understand why it's priced so high, its alot of game.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Tell me about it. Up here we pay about 9¢ on the dollar, which ends up being almost a dollar for every $10 spent. So those gift cards don't actually pay for the games, and you rarely see them priced with that in mind.

I agree that PS3 Minecraft selling so well is impressive by the way. Especially when you consider how far ahead the PC version is (both time and update wise), and its availability on tablets.



Grockumus said:

I REALLY hope that this game's cross-buy for the PS4 and PS Vita versions. I was disappointed to learn that Terraria wasn't cross-buy for the PS Vita (not buying it twice, unless it had bonus content + another trophy list)

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