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Round Up: Gran Turismo 6 Reviews Drive to the Starting Line

Posted by Sammy Barker

Floor it

We’re not quite ready to review Gran Turismo 6 yet. Polyphony Digital’s hotly anticipated driving simulation is a gigantic game, and we want to make sure that we put it through its paces properly before assigning it a score. Moreover, the title ships with a day one patch that we want to test in a retail environment before posting our thoughts on the release. As such, you’re just going to have to sit tight for our definitive verdict – but worry not, because other scores are racing in as we write. - 9/10

Gran Turismo carries on its pursuit much as it always has, delivering a driving simulator that's as exhausting as it is exhaustive, as infuriating as it is intoxicating. As a foundation, it's certainly more stable than its predecessor - and as a way to explore the thrill of four wheels it is, despite its many faults, exceptional, brilliant and pretty much peerless. It's not finished yet, but Polyphony likely never will be - and in Gran Turismo 6 it's just delivered the broadest, most complete iteration of its epic vision.

Polygon - 9/10

Polyphony Digital's love for cars has always been clear, but it's always felt a little cold and mechanical. The benefits of that technical expertise still exist in Gran Turismo 6, but they're put to much more enthusiastic use. The result is a massive, passionate game and a fitting final lap for the PS3.

IGN - 8/10

Gran Turismo 6’s problems are baggage the series has been carrying since 1997; the second you thunk into a wall at 200 kilometres per hour and drive off scot-free, or hop into a belching V8 that sounds more like a wheezing milkshake maker, the glass shatters and the illusion breaks with it.’s not hard to see why this series is deservedly regarded as one of the best of its kind, and this one is no exception.

CVG - 8/10

GT6 is a strange beast, then. It's a big leap over GT5, a true technical swansong for the PS3 and the largest, slickest entry in the series since the heady heights of GT4. But it feels like Gran Turismo 5: Second Attempt. It knows what it is - a technical, straight-laced racing sim tacked onto an obscenely shiny and overlarge car showroom - and it merely delivers that differently - with polished graphics, better physics and a much improved career and UI.

VideoGamer - 6/10

Gran Turismo 6 ends up feeling stubborn to adapt to modernity. Its myriad landscapes are barren and unexciting, while the music sounds like it’s been ripped straight from a Ron Jeremy compilation VHS.

Are you happy to give your PS3 one last run with Gran Turismo 6, or are you putting your foot down over the fact that it's not drifting onto Sony's next generation console? Feather your internal accelerator in the comments section below.

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Scollurio said:

Im really on the fence on this. I love racing sims to death, there are just a few things like the sounds and the 2-types of quality for the cars that put me off. Ah duck it, I guess when Im doing my town run today Ill check if I can grab it somewhere. What else to do with my money right? ;)



get2sammyb said:

@Scollurio I believe they're patching the sounds. I agree, though, it's dumb - and they should have fixed them a long time ago. The car models don't bother me so much because even if the PS2 models do look a little out of place, they still adopt the updated physics model.



Epic said:

Interesting indeed, this should've been a luanch title but I guess Sony was just afraid for this to steal Drive Club potential consumers.



get2sammyb said:

@Epic Nah, it makes sense for it to be on the PS3. GT games historically sell around 10 million copies, and it's going to take at least a year for the PS4 to have a big enough install base to support that figure. Plus, the PS4 is sold out without GT, so it doesn't need it yet.



Epic said:

@get2sammyb In an economic point of view, nop the PS4 doesn't need it but fit the launch just needs it for the lack of exclusive games on it, if it weren't for that whole DRM drama back in E3 Xbox would be leading the way just for having a better line up, if this weren't the case Sony would desperately need it.



RisefromAshes said:

Reviews aren't looking too good for GT 6. Metacritic has it at 75. Let's wait and see what the rest of the critics think of it.

Hold onto your hats folks. If the game gets mediocre reviews then the Xbox crowd will use it as an opportunity to say, "Forza is better than Gran Turismo".

I always chuckle at console wars. Entertainment to me. : P



Tintin said:

This is one of my favorite franchises out there. I'm not to worried about the reviews. I've read a couple and the driving model is still the same and that is the most important thing. I personally think marking the game down because there is no damage to the cars is ridiculous and as for the sound (I can only speak for GT5) I have it pumping out of an 1000 watt home cinema system, I never had a problem with it. GT6 gameplay is still bang on from what I've read and the game must be played with a steering wheel to really experience it. It's not for the casuals they can stick to Need for speed or whatever.



charlesnarles said:

@Tintin Why do people think GT5 has no car damage?!?!!!??!??! Has anyone actually played this series? It ruins your car to smash into walls, costing you performance from that point on and repair costs in the shop. I've also totaled a car! IGN staff are all crazy!



BornOfEvil said:

@Epic Even without the DRM scandal, Sony would still be doing better at this point. Sure the Xbone had a bigger launch lineup(not better), but the PS4's price and the fact that 3rd party games run better on it would have still easily swayed the casual gamers.

Not to mention that everyone knows that Sony's best first party studios would be rolling out their titles eventually, which would have resulted in what we're currently seeing.



RisefromAshes said:


Well, it all boils down to the "actual" driving. Forza has fewer cars, tracks and so on. But, it plays better. The "damage" cars take in Forza is far more realistic and believable than GT 5 & 6. In GT 6, you hit a barrier at 200mph your car won't have a scratch on it and you can simply turn your car around and continue to drive. Awful.

Check out IGN's video review. They nailed down the positives and negatives of GT 6 really well. 8/10 sounds like a good score to give it. : )



Scollurio said:

@RisefromAshes I was a Forza Player since the first and now this is my first GT and guess what. I like GT more. It Is true that Forza has better damage, better car customization and probably is more accessible. But it depends on what you're looking for in a racing game. I don't plan to crash my car on purpose and the effect of actually doing so is not entertaining to me. What IS entertaining to me is having actually tire-wear and fuel consumption, proper pitstops and long endurance races with good tactics on said effects like tires and fuel. Forza doesn't have this anymore since Forza 2. It might not be a big deal for you but it is for me. There are PLENTY of games out there that look nice and drive well, but they are just "driving" games. If you watch racing in real life, especially touring car series or something with proper cars (as it is more fun than formula in my book), its about tactical driving, pitstops, wear on the material, etc... I think GT simulates this way better than Forza. And the controls and physics, seriously I think they are for sure on par but I would also give a slight edge to GT how the cars react on "the edge of control". Driving a car fast and hanging on the last sliver of mechanical grip, going for another millisecond fast lap, it feels slightly better in GT. Besides that the AI in Forza, even on hardest settings, is predictable, dumb and easy to beat. GT's AI is nothing to write home about either but I have the impression they are slightly less dumb, especially they seem to drive quicker, in Forza there are certain points at the tracks where you KNOW the AI will slow down significantly, like they're scared of a bend or a corner, regardless of difficulty setting. So while I think Forza is the more open and accessible franchise, a really good driving game, I think the better game for actual racing fans is GT. Sure, everything just opinion, but after 4 Forza games, Im glad Im playing GT now! ;)

EDIT: Sorry if this came over a bit aggressive int your direction, it wasn't meant like this, Im just overly enthusiastic about GT! ;)



RisefromAshes said:


No problem bud. GT has most certainly gone downhill since GT 5. GT 6 is a step in the right direction, since it does make improvements over GT 5, but it's lacking in certain areas.

Gamers don't want 1200 cars. Who in their right mind will drive ALL 1200 cars?!? No one. What gamers want is a driving game which is technically awesome in every regard. GT 1-4 had that high level of awesomeness.

GT on PS4 is where the future of this franchise will be decided. If it turns out to be awesome then gamers will be in love with it again. If it turns out to be disappointingly weak in comparison to past GT games then gamers will steadily leave the franchise.

Let's see what happens.



Scollurio said:

@RisefromAshes Fair enough. GT6 is my first GT so I cannot compare it to earlier entries. Yes I agree about the car number, but the moment a game gets rid of oh so important features like tire and fuel wear/usage it dies for me. Unfortunately Forza did that. I think for PS4 GT7 should just ditch all standard cars and try to reach around 500 premium models in total. The driving simulation itself is as good as I've seen it on any console yet. I love it so far.

I really hope Project Cars turns out to be a good entry in the console-sim-racing genre. Can't wait for that. Playing my weekly builds on PC! ;)

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