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PS4 Stock Levels Will Not Meet Demand for a Couple of Months

Posted by Sammy Barker

System to remain in short supply

It sounds like the PlayStation 4 is going to remain troublesome to track down way into the New Year, as Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has hinted that it will take a “couple of months” for supply levels to meet the ravenous demand that has surrounded the device since its launch late last month.

Chatting with the Daily Express, the executive admitted that while the platform holder’s aware that it’s frustrating for consumers trying to locate the out of stock machine, the firm is absolutely “delighted” with the console’s success so far. As part of the same interview, the suit said that gamers should expect some “great surprises” in 2014.

The comments follow in the footsteps of similar thoughts shared by American gaffer Jack Tretton prior to Christmas. “I get asked a lot if we’ve created an artificial shortage in order to create a feeding frenzy, and the answer is no,” he told the PlayStation Blogcast. “It breaks my heart if somebody’s got the money and they want a PS4 but we can't sell them one.”

We’ve been tracking the stock situation around the globe over the past few weeks, and the machine is selling out almost as quickly as it becomes available. Retailers such as Amazon are expecting new shipments early in January, so hopefully it will receive enough units to ease the demand. How are your family and friends coping with the shortages? Scream and shout in the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

As long as there's one available for when Dynasty Warriors 8 launches then I'm not fussed. I have been considering getting one earlier than that but it looks like I'm best waiting anyway with this news



Subie98 said:

Hope my wife is able to find one in February when she starts looking to get one for my birthday.



Jaz007 said:

Well, hopefully they will meet the 5 million by march plan. They should have no trouble if this keeps up for a few months provided they don't run into manufacturing troubles. Not being able to make enough units would be a good excuse for not meeting your goal though, much better than a lack of demand.



HairyDyke said:

I was cool as a cucumber pre-launch, residing myself to the fact that I couldn't afford a PS4 until later in 2014. Then the fateful day when my wife uttered the words, "why don't you order one from the catalogue love?" Can't really afford the payments at the moment, so I'll be strong... "Buy now, pay in twelve months love?" At which point, I cracked and ordered the Killzone bundle; I am no longer cool and calm. Delivery date is 28th of Feb and I've become a fanboy, trawling the internet for stock information, torturing myself; hoping this drought subsides, and my delivery date is brought forward. Still all good things come to he who waits



f00man said:

What's even more amazing is that the PS4 is easily outpacing the XBone, despite all the money that Microsoft is throwing around in marketing. I mean giving out free XBones to NFL players to create a buzz, just screams desperation.



HairyDyke said:

@Grockumus Thank you, I haven't seen one in action either (my local GAME is always showing FIFA, no interest here, not my bag baby) It's all about Watch Dogs for me anyway, with maybe a hint of The Division, and a splash of Destiny, just for flavour. As these aren't making an appearance until 2014, and Killzone has had mixed reviews I should stop acting like a child on a long car journey "Are we there yet?" Haha



charlesnarles said:

@H4iryDyk3 I couldn't decide if I should preorder a system for the first time, which I figured meant I probably really wanted one. Now good people still can't get theirs for months. November = good; February = also good (patched launchers and OS) Very cool that they're selling so similarly to the manner in which hotcakes... would... do so.

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