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How Much Money Did PS4 Make in 48 Hours in the UK?

Posted by Sammy Barker

It only prints money

Sony has smashed records in the UK, making the PlayStation 4 the country’s fastest selling console of all time – but how much money did the platform accrue within 48 hours? Industry publication MCV estimates that the system raked in a whopping £87 million ($142 million) during its first two days on sale, after shifting over 250,000 units.

For comparison, the swiftest selling machine in the region previously was the PlayStation Portable, which moved a respectable 185,000 units during its opening weekend. Last week, the Xbox One sold just 150,000 units within the same window. Unbelievably, the PS4 already has a larger install base than the Wii U in Britain – despite Nintendo’s device deploying a year earlier.

Are you staggered by these statistics, or are they in-line with your expectations? What does Sony need to do to keep sales of its next generation system high? Ring your internal cash register in the comments section below.


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WCamicase said:

What I really want to know is how many consoles where sold within the first 24 hours in Europe
Deep inside I'm hoping for another milion but I dunno if it exceeds my expectations LOL



get2sammyb said:

@WCamicase Well, if it was 250k in the UK, I doubt it was far off a million for Europe. We should get official numbers soon. These figures are particularly impressive because UK was "Xbox-land".



DirectAim said:

If they back up the console with GOOD exclusives then they will dominate.

Sony need a game like Destiny to be exclusive, that will help shift millions of consoles just like Halo did for Xbox.



MadchesterManc said:

The real highlight of the story is the previous record holder - the PsP. It gets hated on for not outselling the DS but its still a fantastic handheld. I carry my PsPgo everywhere still even though I have a 3DS & Vita

are the WiiU numbers in the UK really that low?



divinelite said:

It's great to see UK people break the record
Hope this bode well for ps4 future



EGMagnus said:

@fredjosh done ^^.

Way to go Sony! Hopefully this will continue and not just be all the hype around the console. On a sadder note, Nintendo... .



Ginkgo said:

It is early days and the console war will be raging for some time. MS will not give up and has deep pockets.

However, I does look like PS4 has outsold XBO by ~35% in NA and by at least 67% in the UK. That is hugely significant, because they where the 360s largest two markets, and where 360 has the biggest lead over the PS3. So at this point, XBO is behind in what are traditionally its 2 biggest markets.

Based on that, it would appear that there is an enormous swing to Sony from MS. Pre-sales analysis suggested it, but now we are seeing it play out. You never really know till it happens. You would have to expect that for the rest of the world, where the PS3 is king, that the PS4 will completely trounce XBO, World wide sales could easily be 2:1 in PS4s favour.

Unfortunately for the 1 millions NA consoles, where the price is cheaper, they probably lost money on the hardware. PS+ and games should counter it though.

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