Sony has smashed records in the UK, making the PlayStation 4 the country’s fastest selling console of all time – but how much money did the platform accrue within 48 hours? Industry publication MCV estimates that the system raked in a whopping £87 million ($142 million) during its first two days on sale, after shifting over 250,000 units.

For comparison, the swiftest selling machine in the region previously was the PlayStation Portable, which moved a respectable 185,000 units during its opening weekend. Last week, the Xbox One sold just 150,000 units within the same window. Unbelievably, the PS4 already has a larger install base than the Wii U in Britain – despite Nintendo’s device deploying a year earlier.

Are you staggered by these statistics, or are they in-line with your expectations? What does Sony need to do to keep sales of its next generation system high? Ring your internal cash register in the comments section below.