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Guide: How to Switch User Accounts on the PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pass the controller

Much like the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 is designed around the idea of having multiple user accounts associated with a single system. You can toggle between these freely, accessing different save files and profile settings. However, it’s not immediately obvious how to do this on the next generation console. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered.

1. Accessing the Account Select Screen

If you’re already logged into an account, push up on the d-pad from the main menu and select ‘Power’. Select ‘Log Out of PS4’ and you’ll be taken to the Account Select screen. You’ll need to push the PlayStation button on the controller to pair it with the console.

2. Select Your Account

From here you should see a list of accounts associated with the system, in addition to the option to create a new one. Cycle through the list of accounts and select the one that you want to access.

3. Turning Off Automatic Login

If your PS4 is used by multiple people and you don’t want it to login automatically every time, you can turn this feature off. Login to your primary account and push up on the d-pad. Select the ‘Settings’ option from the utilities toolbar and select ‘Login Settings’. In this screen, uncheck the ‘Log in to PS4 Automatically’ toggle to turn this feature off.

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Ginkgo said:

lol. I actually struggled with how to do this the other day. Took me a while to realize you have to log out first. It is not obvious after the PS3, where all the users were visible even when you are logged in. Works more like a PC now.



divinelite said:

Seems the same way of xbox360 then.
I only hope my vita could have multi account... Need to format each swap time is hard to do



Tasuki said:

It took me awhile to figure out this. I had to google how to switch.



rjejr said:

"push up on the d-pad from the main menu and select ‘Power’."

Who the heck came up w/ that implementation, the guys developing the Win 8 interface?

I really liked the way PS3 handled it, though I had to turn off "auto" for my other 3 family members, and now I guess I have to turn it back on for PS+ to work, it's been 10 months since I last let it lapse so I can't remember exactly why I had auto on. The Wii U, for all it's issues, has a pretty straight forward change.



ztpayne7 said:

You mean people do it this way? I just push and hold the p button on the controller and a menu to log out comes up.

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