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Yoshida: Sony Bend's PS4 Game Will Make You Panic

Posted by Sammy Barker

Yoshida too scared to say anything about Sony Santa Monica

Uncharted PS4 aside, there weren’t many outrageous announcements during Sony’s big PS4 All Access launch livestream this week. However, one interesting snippet focused on Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, in which he was asked to give a one-word summary of some of the platform holder’s upcoming internally developed exclusives.

While this sequence was largely overlooked, there appeared to be hints to four of its impending games. Following the appearance of Guerrilla Games’ logo, the Sony executive indicated that fans should expect something “epic”. Rumours suggest that, in addition to Killzone: Shadow Fall, the Dutch developer has been busy producing a role-playing game, and that would certainly fit the bill.

Meanwhile, Yoshida mentioned that Media Molecule’s next title is “extraordinary”, and that he’s too scared to say anything about Sony Santa Monica’s next endeavour, which is rumoured to be set in outer-space. The most interesting comment pertained to Syphon Filter developer Sony Bend, however, when the likeable executive pointed out that players should prepare to “panic”.

For the past decade or so, Sony’s Oregon-based division has focused its attention on handhelds, but it looks like it’s switching its concentration to consoles yet again. Earlier in the year, a PlayStation employee operating out of the studio mentioned that he was working on a user interface for a next generation game.

What could the title be, though? “We have 16 internal Worldwide Studios, and all of the teams have PS4 games in development,” Yoshida said. “We are continuing with some of the big franchises, but many studios are trying out something new.” The tense stealth of Syphon Filter would certainly fit the “panic” bracket – but we’re secretly hopeful that the developer’s doing something different. How about you? Freak out in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@RyoHazuki Haha, it's frustrating - but everyone seems to keep want confirmation that exclusives are in development. Sony's clearly holding stuff back, so this is the best you're going to get for now.



Gamer83 said:

I'd like it to be Syphon Filter but I don't know if that description really points to a return of the franchise.



Hokage17 said:

My biggest hope for PS4 is that Sony continues the trend they started at the end of PS3. At the end of PS3's life cycle they brought some really amazing games. So amazing that it actually upset me a little that these games weren't launch titles for PS4. People say the PS4's launch lineup is mediocre and I tend to agree, but if they had The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and Grand Torismo 6 I doubt anyone could complain. As for Sony Santa Monica, PS4 needs them to bring something epic. After all the fans need something to fill Kratos's shoes, and those are some really big shoes to fill.



wakkawakka said:

@Legendaryboss Bend is about 60 people. They cannot do both. This is the end for Vita. SCE owned two handheld dedicated studios. They shut one of them down, and now the other is making console games.



wakkawakka said:

@Legendaryboss I don't know what to believe, a job listing from over a year ago, or a comment for SCE's head of Worldwide Studios from Thursday. It's not like this industry quietly cancels games all the tim... oh wait, they do.

If Bend were working on a Vita game it would've been announced by now. They shipped Uncharted: Golden Abyss back in late 2011 to meet Vita's Japanese launch. Your comment about Tearaway is a bit misguided given that project was publicly announced a year into development, and has a smaller scope than anything Bend has done before. We would know what their next Vita game is by now if it existed.

SCE's western support for Vita is done. SCEA didn't advertise the platform at all this year, and gave it about as much time at E3 as they devoted to direct digs at Microsoft. Conversely, they've announced zero big western internally development projects for the platform. They've taken a huge **** on the userbase that probably is made up of their most devoted users.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@wakkawakka Thats okay you can push goalposts as much as you want and be cynical all you want, but this has been covered. If you refuse to look at whats there, limit overall support to just western studios and limit overall advertising to US thats your problem.

I'm done.



wakkawakka said:

@Legendaryboss How did I push the goal posts? You said Bend could be developing for both platforms, and I gave reasons as to why that was highly unlikely to happen.

You then said that a platform is only truly dead when it's discontinued and I provided reasons as to why that could be a likely scene to play out with Vita. This is an English site, so the efforts made by SCEJA won't ever be appreciated when all of the support they can muster are games that only sell in their region. The United States of America happens to be the largest single market for video games in the world. It also happens to be the country that houses the development studio that this article is devoted to. When you don't advertise the platform at all, nor announce any games developed to appeal to that market you've given up and that is clearly what Sony has done.



jgrangervikings1 said:

Vita is dead, eh? It's alive and well as I'm writing this comment with mine. It's ok if Bend isn't working on a Vita game. I've got plenty of games in my Vita backlog if I get tired of playing the ones currently on my system.



Lionhart said:

I certainly hope that Sony Santa Monica will focus on the PS Vita. We really need a blockbuster God of War game from Sony Santa Monica on the PS Vita asap.



wakkawakka said:

@Lionhart Sony Santa Monica isn't going to even touch Vita. The only handheld game they developed was some NeoPets game years ago. The two PSP God of War games were made by Ready At Dawn, who are working on The Order.

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