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PS4 UK Digital Prices Slashed Ever So Slightly by EA

Posted by Sammy Barker

Still extortionate, though

EA Games’ generosity knows no bounds. Following a backlash over the weekend regarding the eye-watering price points attached to the digital versions of its PlayStation 4 launch titles, the mega publisher has reduced the cost of its catalogue of next generation blockbusters by £3.00 ($4.85) apiece. Now purchasing the likes of FIFA 14 from the PlayStation Store will set you back £59.99 ($96.90) rather than £62.99 ($101.75). Remember, the same title retails for $59.99 (£37.14) on the North American online plaza.

The reduction shows that the company’s listening to complaints – but it’s not paying close enough attention. If the disparity between European and North American prices wasn’t bad enough, it’s worth noting that the Xbox One versions of the same games cost £54.99 ($88.83) from Microsoft’s comparable console storefront, meaning that the PlayStation versions currently carry a £5 ($8.08) premium. The big question is: why? The publisher’s yet to explain the price differences, which is a shame, because we’d love to see it try.


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Paranoimia said:

Yeah, this is disgusting. Basically $40 more for the same game. They can't justify it because there is no justification. FIFA 14 is also £59.99 on PSN for PS3, if you hadn't noticed.

I can't help wondering if this has anything to do with the 'special relationship' between EA and MS. Just as MS threaten not to allow any game on Live if it appears on PSN first, and demand 'feature parity', it wouldn't surprise me at all if they had something to do with this.



get2sammyb said:

@Paranoimia I suppose it's possible. It's a bit of a bum deal for Microsoft, though, as the Xbox One prices are still extortionate, too!



Dodoo said:

And EA wonder why they're voted America's worst company! lol




The prices are shameful.
I've long held that games don't actually cost that much, and that they're pretty much 'inflation busters' as products go, since there were MegaDrive games released for similar prices as what we pay today. Given that disc production should in theory be cheaper than cartridges, it makes sense.

But the one benefit of digital distribution should be a lower price to the customer and cost to the publisher.

Until we're able to sell on our licences for digital games, they should be considerably cheaper than a physical copy.



banacheck said:

EA are definitely in Microsoft pocket you can tell that by just going off the last few months, i will not be buying any of EA games off the PSN when i can buy them cheaper in a shop.

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