While the PlayStation 4's launch seems to have run fairly smoothly, there are still some isolated issues plaguing the system. The first reported problems were related to faults with the machine's HDMI ports, but these seem to have been cleared up relatively quickly. What continues to rear its ugly head, though, is the unimaginatively dubbed defect known as the 'Blue Light of Death'.

The malfunction, which seems to be most prevalent with systems ordered through Amazon, sees the blue power light remain on, rather than turning white as it would on a working console. This apparently indicates that the system hasn't properly linked with the television.

Ever the helpful bunch, PlayStation Support has taken to the platform holder's official forums to help afflicted customers troubleshoot their faulty consoles. While a single root cause of the problem is unclear – and thus a catch-all solution doesn't currently exist – the team suggests performing a hard reset, booting the PS4 in safe mode, and checking TV compatibility issues, among other fixes.

The biggest takeaway here, though, is the depressing lack of creativity in the naming of the hardware issue. We're certain someone could have come up with something a little more original than the 'Blue Light of Death'. Sadly, it's too late now, as the idiotic moniker appears to have stuck. Did your PS4 arrive in working order? Are these isolated incidents tempting you to cancel your pre-order? Sound off in the comments section below. And while you're down there, see if you can't come up with a better name for the defect yourself.

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