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EA Retracts Statement Blaming PS4 Firmware Update for Software Issues

Posted by Sammy Barker

Passing the buck

PlayStation 4 problems appear to be escalating as we approach the end of the system's first full day on the market. Connection issues aside, some users are now complaining of crashes in certain software. Earlier today, EA Games uploaded a support page blaming this on the next generation system’s v1.50 firmware update, but it’s since decided to back away from the comments, claiming that they had been "posted in error".

“[The day one patch] affects all games on the PS4, including EA titles, causing crashing and freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their television screen,” the firm had stated. “Unfortunately, since it's an issue with Sony's firmware, it requires a new update to fix it. Sony is working to resolve the issue as quickly as they can. They will update their System Update page as new versions are made available.”

As mentioned, the comments have since been pulled – presumably following a heated phone call from SCEA president Jack Tretton. Intelligently, the publisher has now encouraged consumers to visit Sony’s own support site to troubleshoot any arising issues. How are you getting on with the console at this stage? Have you had any crashes, or is your device running smoothly? Hard lock in the comments section below.


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Faustek said:

And so we thank the Yanks for beta testing this product for the noble European.

But seriously, everyone expecting this to work flawlessly before New Years is kiddie themselves and evev then I'm being fairly optimistic.



InsertNameHere said:

The connection issues wouldn't really be an issue if people had downloaded the patch early. Other than that, I haven't heard of any other issues until now.



charlesnarles said:

It's gonna be fine. Killzone is working fine, so it's creepy EA who needs to update Battlefield



Cloud7794 said:

My PS4 does get a bit heated, but not to the point where I'm really concerned



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

My personal experience is that EA games crash far more than any other. This is laughable. Why act like d-bags on day one.



get2sammyb said:

@TOMBOY25 There are plenty of reports of "issues" at the moment, but it's not clear how common they are. In an age of immediate information, these problems can seem to get blown out of proportion in my opinion.



Munkyknuts said:

This is why I never buy consoles at launch...I'd rather wait until issues are resolved and everything has calmed down.



dudeware said:

Well the hit it right on the hammer, cause both battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts crashes on my PS4. Strangly I can play ghosts as long as I don't install their day 1 patch for the game but after I close the game and install the update the game crashes 5 seconds after I start it. Battlefield on the other hand occasionally crashes, sometimes at the start, and sometimes in 10-15 minutes. Either way it's clearly the PS4's firmware version 1.50 that is causing these issues with multiple games. Hopefully they can get this resolved before the weekend is over.

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