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Your Lost Grand Theft Auto Online Character Is Gone Forever

Posted by Sammy Barker

So long, farewell

We hope that you didn’t grow too attached to any Grand Theft Auto Online characters that may have got lost during the multiplayer mode’s tempestuous teething period, because they’re gone forever. Rockstar Games revealed earlier today that it won’t be possible to restore any missing protagonists or ranks – ever.

“For those asking about their lost characters or rank, those will not be able to be restored,” the company revealed on its website. “We sincerely hope that the cash stimulus that we're giving out this month will help you to get back on your feet or to make your new life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet.”

Ah yes, the cash stimulus. Late last week, the publisher revealed that anyone that plays – or, indeed, has played – Grand Theft Auto Online during October will net $500,000 in-game funds in order to make up for the title’s woeful launch. The money will be deposited in two waves, with the first payment set to arrive by the end of the week. Is that ample compensation, though? Flash your (free) cash in the comments section below.


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Munkyknuts said:

I didn't ever get past the character creation screen of GTA online but if I'd lost a character I'd invested time in I'd be a bit miffed....the in game currency being dished out can't hurt tho.



Epic said:

Meh never lost a character that past the introduction so I don't mind.
I will keep playing and get the 400,000$ apartment with the money



Tasuki said:

Wow thats really nice of them giving out that money. They could have just been jerks and give us nothing for our troubles.



Scollurio said:

Not much of a big deal to me, after creating my 4th character it finally runs stable most of the time, not lost anything as of lately. Love the online. Love the game. Love the actors! Awesome!



Tuturoopa said:

I couldn't acsessory my character yesterday so I restarted my ps3 and got on and had to do the intro quest and everything, I still had my rank and cash and everything so I guess I get to watch a couple of cutscenes again every now and then



banacheck said:

The game is running 10OX better i don't have any problems with it, its good of R* to give us $500,000. It was only yesterday that i got the $400,000 mansion & a $251,000 car, so this $500,000 off R* will go towards my $1,000,000 car.

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